Yayyy Crisis Over (I think)

As you folks are aware, the Phoenixhouse kinda tilted on the foundations as Live-in disappeared and maid broke a leg.  I slogged, I unashamedly pulled every string I knew, screamed at folks, dogs whatever and generally behaved like my demented self while coping with the crisis.  


Tired and on a major self-pity trip, I wept on the shoulder of a older and much wiser person.

Me : Whine whine whine whine (words are unnecessary here, the sentiment was poor unappreciated overworked me)

Shoulder : Dont you think its better it happened now and not in November when you just had your surgery?

Me : Gasp!  Yeah, I know! but whine whine whine whine …….

Here I needed sympathy and “Shoulder” was giving me sense.  Uff!!!

Shoulder : sagely “Mata Rani jo bhi karti hai, soch samajh kar bhala hi karti hai”

The Goddess has a good reason for everything she does

Me : huffily : I think she kinda missed me this time

Shoulder : Sage smile

Well, it seems “Shoulder” was right.  I got a much better and more cheerful maid who lands up at 7 am and the home is cleaned by nine.

Day before yesterday one of my peons brought me a Nepali boy right from the village.  He is simple, hard working (a farmer boy who finds housework too light a burden).  Only he cant speak a word of Hindi and I have to train him from scratch …. Phewww

Another thing

He can EAT!

His folks call him Bheem.   Hahahahaha

How apt!


I gave an update to “Shoulder”, much as I did not want to.  How I hate it when folks are right and they rub it in with a “I told you so” smirk.

Me : You know, you were right

Shoulder : Smirk!  You know you young people are way too impatient and dont trust the divine

Me : You know why I hang out with you?  Even though you have this insufferable air of “I know the best” and fake modesty like Mr. Bacchhan?

Shoulder : I know, because of my charming personality and my patience?

Me : Nah! Because you are one of the few living souls who call me “young people”




16 thoughts on “Yayyy Crisis Over (I think)

  1. 😆
    by the end of the post I forgot what the original problem was 😀

    Actually, so am I on the way to forgetting – who wants to remember bad things eh?

  2. Congrats! 🙂 So now ‘a aa e ee’ starts.

    (After a long time, the blog opened for me)

    There were some unnecessary html thingies that had to be edited, as they made a mess here

  3. Lol lol lol lol loved the last line!! 😀

    And congratulations 🙂 I am so happy for you, would love to read about your training experiences also now!!!

    Oh wow! Yup those are entertaining

  4. Reminds me of Bheem Singh I used to know- hardly a few feet tall- but an adorable creature- learned Hindi like that…

    Hope this one learns Hindi fast … he’s driving me nuts

  5. I need to find an older friend who calls me that! Glad things have got sorted:)

    I sincerely recommend it – makes you feel young and prepares you very well for the aging symptoms that may hit you

  6. Awesome.. I love talking to the air above my head in such situations- assuming God to be there!!! really helps… but I hate the smirks too which are stronger in my case 😦

    The “shoulder” is really a person whom I rudely call Senior Citizen

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