Close encounters of the self improvement kind

When I was young (hehehehehe I really started the post sounding ancient!)

Yeah when I was young and the world was fresh and innocent, my father used to cut out articles from newspapers and magazines.  I used to watch him enviously – did so want to lay my hands on that pair of scissors and cut out paper from every where.  Mom never scolded him too!  So unfair

Once I asked him why he did it.

He would neatly stack the cutting in a manilla envelope and put it in a briefcase.  He smiled “When I retire, I am going to stick them into a file.  Just something I would like to read again”

I read those articles many times as I grew older.  They were all about self improvement.

It got me into a habit of reading quotations etc. on the subject.

My verdict?

They are over rated.

No one theory can solve myriad problems that ail humanity.  Plus solutions, to work have to come from inside, not from books.

I have two of those self help calendars on my desk at office.  Yeah, I am my Papa’s little girl and have inherited the habit somewhat!  They dish out self help quotes every day

Today’s thoughts :

One says “Dont pass up the true riches of life for mere wordly gain.  Why work only to exist when you can live to love and be loved”

Hmmmmm, I think I’ll pass this one.  It sounds impractical and a bit too “evolved” for my baser brain to comprehend!


The other one dazzled me with its sheer brilliance

“Knowing is not enough, we must apply

Willing is not enough, we must do!”


Now I can comprehend that.

Therefore, even though I had no subject for a blog post, I followed that advice and wrote one!

Happy day to you!


8 thoughts on “Close encounters of the self improvement kind

  1. Sound advise. And it did help you 🙂

    It’s good to have self help calenders and books and cuttings (I too have a dusty, faded collection from before the internet addiction days)… it’s not the collection but how you use it that counts.

    Yeah, but one size fits all never ever works

  2. Lol! I had one of those calendars too. I quite liked it, though I didn’t ever implement it. Still, glad you posted something !! What with all the furore over the polls!!

    Dammit, am gonna make it into a story some day, the damn poll

  3. What would you do if you were not afraid.

    Oooh! So tempting 😉

    This plus anything Oscar Wilde has said makes me think…

    Oscar Wilde is profound yeah

  4. I think some of those sayings are complete nonsense and others are very powerful. A friend of mine has framed and hanging on her wall something about “what could you do if you knew you could not fail,” or something like that. But I just think that’s silly! Failure IS a possibility, after all, and what we do must factor in failure. I’ve always really liked, “It’s not enough to do your best. You have to do what’s required.” Simple and profound. I occasionally pick up self-help books. The most recent was Liquid Mirror: An Illustrated, Experiential Journey in the the Labyrinth of your Soul.” The author is very honest and open about her own journey and struggles, and that made reading the book enlightening.

    Very interesting Lizzie

  5. Excellent advice.

    I like this one “We carry heaven and hell with us.”

    The best self-help guru is you. For all of the knowledge floating around if you don’t apply it to your life it is worthless to you.

    Thanks for sharing your insight.


    You are welcome Ryan

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