I become Mr. Bean

I despise Mr. Bean. Somehow the idea of an adult man having no control over himself, his life and his environment does not appeal to me. So when this happened to me yesterday, it made me almost froth in the mouth.

1. Got my voters ID out of the almairah and into my purse

2. Rounded up the kids, for their first time voting (Kid#1 was out of country for the previous one)

3. Got into car and boldly ventured to exercise our demo(effin)cratic right to elect our government

4. Found that we were not listed in the voters list at our new address where we have lived for almost two years

5. Drove to our previous address and found that we were not listed there either – we lived there for more than 20 years dammit!

6. Had a WTF moment (when three people have the same WTF moment, I must tell you its fairly profound and creates blissful one-ness which in our case translated into a “since we are out, might as well as have lunch somewhere outside”)

7. DIL had gone to parental abode to vote, and came back proudly showing us the finger : The Bacchhan family has a lot to answer for! Humph!

8. I was overstuffed on restaurant food, angry and irritated : How does a person who has lived for 25 effin years in the same town be missing from the town’s list? I did what any one in my place would do … I went to sleep.

9. I searched the net for the person whom I should bash for omitting the names of my whole damn family (we are 3 people, guys, not so much of an effort to include?). I did not find the person I should send hate mail to

10. I am using a CD Marker to make a black spot on my finger to show to Mr. Bacchhan and family and various sundry celebrities.

Gaah! I am such a wannabe!!!!


15 thoughts on “I become Mr. Bean

  1. This happens only in India πŸ™‚ And in the Mr Bean show?!

    Yeah! I better get my act together before the Assembly Election next year

  2. lol. And they say that so many people didn’t vote. You kno, my gran is 42 years old according to her id. I’m sure, I will b 81 years during the next elections.

    People came to vote, 68% attendance in Haryana! I was not listed! 😦

  3. the exact same situation…my family… younger bro only one with THE MARK 😦 …last year Delhi assembly elections
    WTF moment!cause?the very same..change of location…

    SO I understand

    *pats Ritu on the back*
    there there!

    Thanks Indyeah

    on a diff note I love Mr Bean πŸ˜€
    all his shows/movies πŸ˜€

    This I can not understand!

  4. and oh did I mention that the poll officer err…doesnt like our family much now?:D
    the same guy was sitting even at the poll station yesterday πŸ˜€
    some people have such awesome memories that they remember even after almost a year πŸ˜€

    we spent most of our time avoiding him πŸ˜€

    PS:-dad had given him a tongue lashing last year

    I did not exactly endear myself to ours!

  5. I had to put up a fight to vote as well, my name was on the list (I could see it in front of me) and the man at the voting desk said it had been stuck off (get this) “by MY opposition party”…i almost thot i was mrs.g for a moment…

    I spent 30 minutes first trying to reason then explain. When nothing worked I created a scene and that…worked…

    Unbelievable! Did he think we lived in the villages where this reason may just work?

  6. πŸ™‚ LOL!!
    I found it really amusing that in India they mark the middle finger with the election mark.. what better way to prove you’ve voted than flip the bird! Thank god they put a horizontal mark under the thumb back in Pakistan.

    Oh and let me join your I-hate-Mr-Bean club.. grrr!

    So in Pakistan you show the “Thenga”? Interesting. Welcome to the I-hate-Mr-Bean club

  7. Hey, someone else did a Mr Bean on you…..

    On another note Rowan Atkinson is super funny- you need to see his stuff on Youtube.

    Ummm, may be I will …..

  8. Tch, tch, excuses, excuses.

    Now, if a m.a.n. were to have handled this exercise… πŸ˜‰

    Then he would be the BEAN

  9. rofl..
    i am soooo glad u dont find mr. bean funny.. while practically everyone i know things he’s fabulous, i think he’s yuckyyyyy!! now i have u for company in the “we dislike mr. bean” group. πŸ˜€

    Well, I am glad we are so many of us who do not like Mr. Bean!

    and sleeping is the answer to everything…including missing names on the voter;s list!:D i use the same funda myself sometimes..things just seem better after a nap…

    Yeah, that is so true – specially after rich restaurant food!

  10. Really sad about this… I had sat one afternoon and registered a lot of friends online, they did some other running around on their own later too, but not one of them was registered. So all this talk of people not voting should include they were not registered. And I don’t like Mr Bean, my kids do though… I just can’t understand how and why.

    Agree to both your points. They should not complain about low turn out! And Mr. Bean! Ewwww

  11. Even my name wasn’t there… totally outrageous! And I had voted in the Delhi elections! Imagine!

    Yeah, and then they want people to go out in summer to vote!!!

  12. I am a pappu.. πŸ™‚ but I can dance sala .. could not go to vote .. 😦

    So much for our Jago Rey effort

  13. I DID VOTE!!
    I missed out on the vidhan sabha elections last year because I was six days too young!!. But yes, I DID VOTE THIS TIME!!
    Guess what… The man I voted to is an MP now πŸ™‚

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