The things we do for love

1.  Eat burnt toast with a smile

2. Eat the half eaten biscuit that your infant kid lovingly feeds you happily

3. Wake up in the middle of the night to rock the infant to sleep or tend the loved one.

4. Eat artery choking food served by over-hospitable people with a smile while cringing inside and reminding oneself that it is hospitality, not hostility.

5. Tolerate the plunking of guitar strings all the goddamn time, even at 2 a.m., and even pay for the damn guitar lessons just because offspring has musical aspirations.

6. Go attend parties hosted by those people just because husband finds them interesting.

7. Assure the husband that he is not balding, just having a bad hair day

8. Assure the wife that she is not putting on weight on her butt, its just the color/cut of the dress she is wearing that makes her look fat.

9. Convince her that you did not notice the old school mate who still looked hot while she is pleasantly rounded due to having kids etc.

10. Walk all the floors of the mall along with spouse searching for the dress and the shoes that will make or break her/his all important appearance.

11. Look lovingly impressed when your tone deaf spouse sings you a love ode

12. Take second helpings of some horrible meal cooked by your spouse because he/she made the effort though every fibre of your digestive track revolts.

What are the things you have done for love?


15 thoughts on “The things we do for love

  1. Ah.. yes.. the things we do for love! 😛

    Me – listen to the husband’s narration of his fave movie/serial and discuss with him as though i’m very interested in the court case going on in said serial!!!

    Him – go shoe shopping with me!!!!!!!! 😀
    or watch a repeat telecast of a FRIENDS episode for the millionth time!!!


  2. sweet post

    Eat the half eaten biscuit that your infant kid lovingly feeds you happily – not just half eaten but half eaten taken out from the mouth 🙂

    go shopping with him which is basically a 3-hour affair even if its just one shirt… go to one store see everything try some, go to next everything try some more, go to next see and try some more and then think which one to buy and may be go back to the first and buy sigh… never knew men can shop like that 🙂

    lovely post again

    Soggy biscuits and shopoholic mates …. we have all experienced them

  3. beautiful post ..made me smile ..remembering what all I had done all for love ..

    played with my elder one in a bathroom filled with shampoo bubbles and foam ( he had emptied the entire 1L bottle in the tub and squealed with laughter watching all the fun:) Age 3)

    Listened to the juicy kahani ghar ghar ki from my MIL’s treasure just coz He loved it when I spent my precious time with Her

    Loved someone unconditionally even though many a times I felt like shiva drinking all the vish from sagar manthan ..

    Wow! Points 2 and 3 are immense!

  4. Walked to my tuition center 2 kilometers from home to save rikshaw money which I would later use to put balance in my phone and call him up. (Long distance)

    That is big! Hope it was suitably rewarded

  5. Watch pulp fiction, kill bill (both parts), 300 and many such extremely blood and gore filled movies N number of times…..for 4 yrss….but then, N was born and I had an excuse to run away from them. his part starts here, not being able to watch super hits like batman returns and such for months and months 🙂
    There are many more things we do, but life will be tough if there is a list of everything 🙂

    Hmm, yeah but the lists are fun!

  6. Do something that you detest ‘cos you know the other person detests it even more than you do.

    LOL wicked!

    Also, listen to ear-shattering Metal ‘cos you see the happiness and bliss on his face. On the other hand, he listens to hours and hours of Oldies while driving out of town ‘cos you love them so much. 🙂

    That is sweet

  7. Oh yeah, plenty, did those things aplenty.
    But No time to tell u what all. For i am embarking on a tour of your blog posts i have missed and should not be stopping to comment.
    Non stop ritu it is today-all for love.

    Thanks Mampi, broadband ki jai ho!

  8. eat half eaten biscuit or paranthi from my infant, pulled out from his mouth and fed to mine!
    and yes rock him to sleep every night at 2am! thats lots of love and yes lots of grrrrrhhhh!

  9. Reply with ” Wow that is a great find, just what we need” every time husband gets yet another electronic marvel.

    Him – definitely the fat the thing. And eat whatever I cook with a smile and much approval.

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