Ode to my once slim waist

øḋε τø ṃÿ øṉсε ṡlïṃ ώαïṡτ

Where are you my long lost friend?

My true partner through many bends

My slim fit jeans miss you dearly

So do many of my lovely kurtis

I should not have taken you for granted

Please know that I have since repented

Chocolate, fries, butter broke our marriage

You left me and I expanded, it’s tragic

I am a changed girl now, I swear my friend

Fatty food does not charm, I’ve made amends

Must our love be so shallow and transient?

Please forgive me, let’s once more be friends

Together we made quite an impression on men

Drinks spilled, temperatures rose, all eyes froze when

You and I swayed into a room, we did not have to try

To use wit, work hard for impact, Oh now I could cry

I know I did not treat you with love and care

So you left me for more youthful figures

But they are self absorbed and shallow

Come back my love, I’ve since mellowed

Together we shall flirt, we’ll do it with flair

Dance, exercise and I’ll treat you with care

You are the love of my life, you are my muse

See, I wrote you an ode, so do not refuse

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56 thoughts on “Ode to my once slim waist

  1. Yeah

    Pl do come back to Ritu ji..she’s already so ignorant of her otherwise charming personality and youthful energies. 😀

    Yeah Listen to us all!!! 😛

  2. That’s amazing!!! Haven’t ever heard/thought of such an approach to slimming & weight loss….

    Shrug! Kay pata, it just might work ….

  3. DITTO! Though I don’t know about breaking off my engagement with chocolates n fried stuff…

    I know, that is a long standing relationship, while the waist turned unfaithful

  4. Hmnn… in between the was supposed to be “Puts on a lungi and webbed, sleeveless banian and goes *whiiiiiiiiistle*”

    Oye Hoye, and sadke jaavan on that appreciative whistle

  5. 😆

    *serious look*

    Please come back to Ritu O’kamar most dear 😀
    she wont ever eat junk have no fear
    but even if you dont come back,it aint a prob
    coz Ritu seems to have forgotten that she is still a heartthrob 😉


    Thanks Indyeah!

  6. oh wow! I knw no body else who could come up with a post like this…loved it….and was finishing a plate of chocolate ice cream with choco chip that I have been dying to eat…trying hopelessly not to think of my (disappearing) waist!


    Choco Chip!!! Drool! Dont tell the waist but I love it

  7. Ritu, do you want a chorus? I need to find mine too. First I had delivery as an excuse but now my daughter is 5 and my slim waist is gumshuda

    Join in, I think Monika, Shail you n I and a lot of others would love to sing this one together

  8. He he he! That was lovely! One suggestion: Change the title, its a dead give-away 🙂

    Ohkay! What do you think I should name it?

  9. Wait Ritu, make no haste!
    On one hand we have ice creams and choco chips!
    On the other just a tiny little itty bitty waist?
    I’d wave a cheerful goodbye to slender hips
    And apply myself to enjoying yummy, rich buttery taste 😉
    (I know you said waist not hips but I was trying to rhyme!)

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  13. Now to everybody I am kid#2
    Dear waist please come back to mom
    Even though she eats junk for fun
    Chocolates and all will not matter anymore
    If you return to her, Im sure.

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