Parenting – What they dont teach you in the Momma School

Since I am kind of rushed, I am giving you a link to one of my old posts

Do read and comment

Stop or My Mom Will Shoot

and another
Sassy Kids


5 thoughts on “Parenting – What they dont teach you in the Momma School

  1. ritu

    i ve been hooked onto ur blog for more than a month now. ur an incredible writer.I wish i cd be so mean and funny.keep writing.its wonderful


    LOL, it comes naturally to me Ashwin

  2. Dear Ma’am,

    I have been following your blog for some time now. And I think it is time we moved the relationship into the next stage, i.e. stalking.

    In order to do so, I would request that you kindly provide me the following details:

    (i) Address and floor plan of your house and office;

    (ii) Daily itinerary (failing which your regular routine);

    (iii) Your phone number(s);

    (iv) Preferred number, time and location one can peaceably stalk you on; and

    (v) information on how to ensure that your dogs, sons and DIL do not bite me (I’m rabid and doing so would be injurious to their health).

    Thanking you in advance,

    Your Fiend

    ROFL! Now my blog has come of age! I have a stalker! I am dancing a jig. Kids stop frowning – it wont hurt me and injure me. I have a stalker, I have a stalker!

    Thank you Stray! 😀

  3. Amazing two posts. I think you should do this more often… link in some previous amazing awesome posts! That way we get more posts to read from you 😉

    Love the way you write.. and I do not think I have heard such kid stories before.

  4. Maydum-jee, without providing info. how stalking is possible? Please to understand my delicate position.

    Waise, u want experienced stalker ya kissi student-stalker ko bhejhoon? Poor childrens are needing our support in these receding times… think if this is suiting your requirements, please.

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