Conversation of Boss/Employee Kind

Boss : I have to go to XDFR on Sunday, want to fly back in the evening

Self : With starry eyed vision of spending a day in a/c ambience unsupervised by boss : Sir the flight in the morning is at 7 am, and that means you have to reach airport at 5 am.  Why dont you catch the afternoon flight?  You can easily stay the night and come back on Monday ….

Boss : Almost falling for it : 5 a.m. on Sunday is too early

Self : Hopefully twitching the bait : Yes  sir, its too early.  Aap araam se jayen na, by the afternoon flight

Boss : Deep thought

Self : Breath held in hopeful anticipation

Boss : Picking up phone and instructing secretary : Book the 7 am ticket for XDFR and send Mr. PO*&%9 in

Self : ????!!!!

Boss : Smirking : Let him go and attend the meeting.  I will sleep at home

Self : Walking out in a funk kicking myself

Darn, sometimes I get too ahead of myself!  Now he will rest on Sunday and be fully energetic and raring to eat us all Monday onwards




14 thoughts on “Conversation of Boss/Employee Kind

  1. You forgot the age old saying – “When the boss is making a mistake, LET HIM !….You ought to just sit back and enjoy.”
    To my wicked mind flying to XDFR on Sunday sounds like a good idea 🙂
    WHAT/where is XDFR by the way

    Wiz, I can not put the name of the place on the www – hence the random alphabet. Now that you put it that way – hmmmmm

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