So what have I been up to?

I have been meeting bloggers ….

Actually I am given to hyperbole.  I met the Mad Family.  I had to give MM her money, her T shirt, cap and letter holder from Indusladies.

She won the first prize which was actually a triumph of the writing and networking kind.

We spoke and we set up a meeting in the Phoenixhouse

Nothing that I attempt happens without a hitch of sorts, you know

1.  She was running late

2. There was a storm (and my kids made snide remarks about how witches gather in a storm aka Macbeth)

3. I am a complete ham. So I donned a white sheet and ran after them groaning theatrically “The Mommy Returns”

4. MM asked for directions and I gave her some

5. My kids laughed so hard that I threw them out of the house.  I can get lost in the most familiar parts of town you see, so they found my giving directions hilarious.

6. MM got lost ……….. stop laughing you guys

7.  Finally she landed with her lovely kids.  Brat has the most angelic smile.  He is going to be one lady killer once he grows up.  Bean is adorable.  Hey MM, that one marches to her own drummer.  She is going to be a handful.

8. I softened and got the boys home from the park

9. We had chai together.  I handed over the gifts.

It was wonderful.  I love meeting people I have been interacting with on blogosphere.


16 thoughts on “So what have I been up to?

  1. i know! Sometimes I do curse my anonymity, but otherwise, i think it’s fun to keep a secret.

    My dear .. at my age, notriety is what you crave for 😉

  2. ROFL… she actually got lost by your directions…

    I am looking forward to making a trip to delhi this time so many bloggers to meet 🙂

    Yes she did! Yeah come on over, and this time take directions from MM

  3. Wow two of my favorite bloggers met!!!
    And Congratulations to MM!!

    Yeah she is quite the little power packed dynamo you know

    And I mean this is the sweetest and most admiring sort of way

  4. Congratulations to MM! 🙂
    it must have been nice meeting another blogger 🙂
    having met two till now, I know the feeling’s incomparable 🙂

    LOL@witches gather during storms 😀

    We have quite the democratic set up! My kids are allowed to pull my leg! ROFL As though they would listen if I disallowed them, so I pretend I have granted them liberties

  5. 🙂

    LOL @ the directions part!! 😀

    Glad to know you guys met! I enjoy meeting bloggers too! 🙂

    Yeah, it is interesting. You have already met the mind before you meet the person, so the awkwardness of a 1st meeting is not there

  6. Oh Wow! What fun! I love these blogger meets…

    LOL @ the directions bit…. 😀

    They are fun! And I can get lost anywhere, which is unforgivable since I am a driver and am supposed to know how to steer myself from point A to B. But then ……

  7. well Ritu, I love you – but I have to admit you’re no direction giver 😉


    had a lovely time and the kids are still talking about the fish and the dogs!

    Loved your kids. They are so confident. And your man is gorgeous. Drool!!!!

  8. hey…have u changed the layout lately(basically, it looks smashing) .. this is a great post abt a meeting, esp. bcs its not mushy and all..

    Loved this post too… i shld have come to ur blog sooner.. loved the way u write..

    I basically wanted something that felt like my space and reflected me, easy and informal. This space was perfect

  9. Mommy returns is unbelievable!! Must have been a great meeting.

    LOL, Mommy Returns is an old joke. I had a surgery and was recovering and the boys were worried. So I made a game … you know walk like a zombie and groan “Mommy Returns”. Good fun!

  10. @MM got lost…. 😀 😀
    BTW, this is a nice blog design….. I just don’t like the too much yellow color….any special reason for using it?

    Its fresh and breezy. No special reason as such …

  11. Wow, Thats great-to meet people like that. Now I realise that If i had gone that extra bit to phoenixland, i would have earned a full post on this space too.
    soon soon, i will come soon too. just to enjoy your company as the prize.
    congrats to MM for the award and to you for having taken such a great initiative in the contest. I still remember your phone call when i was on duty in an exam.

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