Just Like That

Did you know that styes can be cured by drinking dandelion tea?

Funny, all Ithought dandelions were used for was to blow them into other kids faces to piss them off!

Or that there is a place in Sydney called Madonna’s Bra?

You got to hand it to the Aussies.  Anything and everything has to be brashly done – naming places, racist attacts etc.

Moreover, I also know the rates of property in Merida Yucatan and Stilbaai, Cape Town

No, I am not preparing for any upcoming Kaun Banega Karorepati!  This is just some of the stuff I have learnt while freelancing.

Yup, I bit into the freelancing world and it is threatening to swallow me whole!

But it is fun.  I open my mail box in the morning to check for assignments and I have plenty.

Today’s fare is Snowmobiling, How to recover data from hard disk crashes, the Loch Ness Monster and Osteoporosis.  Quite a mix isnt it?

I love the exercise this is giving my brain.

However, now I have a wishlist!  Godji are you listening?

1. A browser that speaks to me.  I mean if I am gonna spend the rest of my life with the browser, the least it can do is tell me it loves me and I am terrific!

2. A software that types as a speak.  My arms and shoulders would thank me for it.  I mean churning out 15 articles a day is …. taxing

3. Maxine’s in your face attitude for certain clients

4. Rita Skeeter’s enchantingly devious and nasty mind and her Quick Quotes  Quill that works with her thought signals

5. Phoebe’s or Luna Lovegood’s intuitive knowledge about all the useless (to me) stuff in this world

6. A good cook!  I know this is off the subject but I just thought of putting it here

7. Patience


11 thoughts on “Just Like That

  1. Oh God, cant stop laughing at Madonna’s Bra. Imagine someone ask you where is it that you live and you have to say, oh I live in Madonna’s Bra.

    No its a bridge LOL! You walk thru the cleavage between madonna’s ahem ….


  2. Madonna’s Bra??? OMG!! Thank god I do not live there hehehe

    and wow 15 articles in a day!

    Aussies think the bridge posts are conical and look like Madonna’s bra in some of her shows 😛

  3. You rock girlie.
    even with this tight schedule, and loads of assignmnents. Good luck, these are the signs of business doing well.

    Wont make me a karorepati but its gud

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