And if I were a man!

Indyeah gave me rave reviews on her blog!  Thanks girl!!!!

And she tagged me to think like a man; and compile a wishlist of the lovely ladies I would eye lustfully lovingly.

Well I know how men think!  I have two sons who are frank and think I am buddy.  They say anything in front of me!

So for all intents and purposes for this blog post I am a man!

Sigh!  So many ladies I would love to get intimate with!

*Scratch my ahem … butt and settle down to list em*

And here’s my wishlist, compliled ever so lustfully

drewWhat can I say?  Never did understand size zero obsessions!  A guy does like his hands full.  Them tits are awesome!  Drew Barrymore really fits the bill.

Angelina Jolie


Those lips were made for kissing!  Plus she is athletic.  A guy would love a romp in the hay which is dirty, passionate and athletic!  Angelina would be the perfect choice.

Preity Zinta

preityJust look at that balcony!  She is a busty girl, and that is soo nice.  Cleavages on girls is an emminently desirable thing.  Plus Mommys dont object to nice girls with dimples.  Best of both worlds what?!!!

Kiera Knightley


Just picture the girl on a rope, just picture the rope in a bed room, just picture the swinging night ….. I think you get the picture!  😉

Catherine Zeta Jones

zetaWhat can I say?  Latino, sexy, hot!!!!

Jessica Biel

jessicaThis is one drop dead gorgeous babe, one would love to love and never ever get into a fight with – that is – if you did not want to be punched in the …..

Hard core fighter, in your face, hot!

Scarlett Johansson

scarlettShe has oomph!  Athletic, most definitely has the stamina of an ox!!!  So she goes on the lust list

Penelope Cruise

cruzShe is sensual, sultry ….. and Oooooh!  She can cook!  Unbeatable combo

Anne Hathaway

anneShe makes it into the list because she has kissable lips.  So does Angelina Jolie.  Heyyyy wait a minute, so does Preity and …… Oh forget it – whateva!

Saved the best for the last

Michelle Rodrigues


The bad girl a guy would like to do bad things with!!  She can kick ass, she can play fast, she can be downright dirty.  In short she can drive a man insane!


Done the tag !

Hope my sons dont read this post!

27 thoughts on “And if I were a man!

  1. I think you have done the tag most most most beautifully… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah they are lovely ladies

    wait… i gotta see the pics again…. that jolie… pic… where did ya get it from……


    I’m not gonna tell you that! Then you wont drop in here and increase my hits.

  2. what a post to come to first !! and well ahem… that is exactly how a man thinks… !!!

    holy moly is this some tag to droool or worth…

    is my excitement showing ??

    Oh yes! And I’m lovin it! Ta Ta Taraaa

  3. WoW! That is definetly how guys thing. And you didn’t even need to get a sex change. 😉

    I’m sure all the guys are going to come this page just to drool. 😉

    LOL, I hope so. My stat counter needs some work!

  4. My, my! You really did get thinking like a man there!! And have me thinking like one too 😉

    A writer and her willing suspension of disbelief!

  5. Oye Ritu Ritu oye…
    raat nu jaldi saon jaya karo babeo..
    vichaar pavitr rakhya karo baccha…
    wagru waagru…

    Oye Mampi Mampi oye
    raat nu jaldi saon nal kee banuga mera?
    Hun tey Male Hotlist vee banaona hai!
    Vichaar tey pavitra hi hain,
    Admiring God’s beautiful creations …. vagru vagru

  6. I did read the post, Ma. And am appalled at your choice in women-I’d-like-to-get-intimate-with! I notice all of them are celebs… horrid. To a thinking man not one remotely makes the cut, other than perhaps Scarlett Johansson and Michelle Rodrigues.

    Stick to what you have can profess some knowledge on and give us a list of Top-10 chokras.

    Hey Stray when did I adopt you? LOL! I agree!! Jessica, Michelle and Scarlett are the best I think!

  7. I was drooling by the end of the list.. thats some cuuuurrvy, sexxxy women you have been thinking of!

    Well.. now Ritu… as your son says… I want that chokras list too.. if its gonna be this good.. I shall ensure I come back to the page every few hours! pleassee….. *batting of eye lids

    Hey Stray! I guess you are adopted now! Yeah will do Chokra List too

  8. Oh my!
    Oh my! *fanning myself*
    ARe you err sure you are back to being Ritu?
    that is some thinking like a man!!
    holy mother of gawd!

    smokin hot!!!

    and the descriptions? 😉
    so I ask ya again… you back to being Ritu gurl? 😀

    Yes I am back to being Ritu hyuck hyuck

  9. is that your son up there? 😀
    err ermmm forget the chokri list
    as Aathira says gimme the chokra list
    pretty plss? 😀

    Nah! Stray is not my son, but I am able and willing to adopt him. Ooooh I will do a male pin up list, yes Iwill!!!

  10. What a list . WOW ! And the choice of pics , even better . 🙂

    A childhood spent with male siblings and rest of my life bringing up male kids …. Guess I know how men think 😉

  11. Now that I’ve stopped drooling, started laughing uncontrollably and managed to stop that…

    :wolf whistle:

    This post wakes up the bi in me 😛

    Doing the post awakened the bi in me!!! 😛

  12. I remember commenting in one of your earlier posts that you would be a dream-guy-buddy.
    THIS post stamps down the fact right away. Agreed that guys are somewhat predictible, but you go way beyond that :).

    Oh hey! I did not. I grew up with male siblings. Just about every woman they met was evaluated like this!!!

  13. I can see all guys going arf-arf here. Ha..ha..ha..

    Ritu, You did this tag the way it should be. All of us tried to think like men but our soul remained that of woman’s. Now this is how the list should be. 😀

    LOL, I was the standard good pal to hang out sort for my brothers …. hence the insight into the male mind

  14. Ritu, you have left me speechless….and feeling quite inadequate too! sigh…. too much of a good thing is never good so please go back to being Ms Ritu and not Mr Ritu lol x

    LOL Shaheen!

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