Family that eats together …. chews each other up

The only time the Phoenix family has with each other is at the dining table at night. 

Normally there are two boys each equipped with a PSP playing some intense game and totally incommunicado because they have head phones attached to their heads.  I swear I am so used to saying absolutely insulting things about them to their face and getting away with it – if they retaliate, I’ll faint with shock!

DIL and I have laptops open in front of us and we are either surfing the net or doing something else. 

Yeah there is some dinner ….. and it is normally eaten while we are busy doing other things, i.e. unless I have cooked something sinfully fatteining or exotic.

Tonight was sandwiches and salad, since I had deadlines.

DIL had some major office drawings to do and wanted to eat anything that was boring since (said in OMG I am about to die tones) I have work Mom and my boss will kill me!!!  I dont want to fall asleep right after dinner!

The boys had already eaten pizza so they could not have cared less!

DIL : Babe my autocad has gotten corrupt

Kid#1: Baby what would you do without me?

DIL: (In the I have to humour him tone) Babe tabhi tere se shaadi kee na!!!

Kid#1 (Preen Preen)

Kid#2:  Yeah I know! Bhai can we start the game soon please?!

DIL : (The tone was pure distilled menace) You know you guys would have married each other if you werent brothers!

Kid #1 : Tactful smile : No baby

Kid #2 : Eewwwww!

Me : Another sandwich any one?

Total ignore from the family

Sensing a golden opportunity I quietly went to the kitchen and sliced a mango and opened a can of condensed milk.  I thought they could eat each other while I quietly had an awesome desert.

Just as I was pouring the condensed milk into the bowl, I looked up!  The whole damn brat brigade was standing and watching me accusingly.

Sigh!  There went my desert!  I did not even get one spoon!

Nah that is exaggeration.  I was rationed …. yes rationed 2 spoonfuls.


30 thoughts on “Family that eats together …. chews each other up

  1. LOL!!!

    At least you sit at the table together!!! We never use the dining table unless we have guests and we don’t eat together…My daughter eats early, then I eat (get hungry and can’t wait for my husband)and then my husband (he eats late)…

    We use the dining table as the family room. People can eat when they want to …. that’s where the adda is.

  2. Hahahaha… see this is when you should threaten them that you’re suffering from PMS and throw a tantrum if they take the bowl away from you!!! 🙂

    I do that most of the time. They call me “Lady Tantrum”

  3. aaaw. loved the idea of mango with condensed milk! am going to try it soon.

    your ‘DIL’ took me by surprise. I’ve been following ur blog last month or so – since the mother’s day contest, and just assumed that you were probably in your 30’s – with 2 young boys.

    really stumped to see that you also have a DIL 🙂

    Yeah I do. She made all the difference to my home. Boys are great, but having a daughter around makes one hell of a difference

    you seem so young through your writing!!
    kudos to you!

    Thanks, but my boys would beg to differ. Standard complaint from them is “Mom when will you grow up?”

  4. I want lessons from your DIL in using a voice that is pure distilled menace.

    I think its a born talent! She can do it so well! I tell her if she was a school marm kids would pee in their pants!

    I will bring two cratefuls of mangoes as gurudakshina 😀

    No condensed milk? 😆

  5. I won’t waste my praising the high HQ of this post . Just tell me , is there a third PSP and an opening in your family for a suave,sophisticated,”angrezi” educated,young semi-urban male with a fair complexion? I can cook certain things as well, if that helps.

    Ummm what is HQ???? You can cook!!! Come on in!

  6. But I miss those days when my family ate together. But now it can never happen… it wd surely end up like what ure saying…

    Yeah, but never mind! You can do it when the family does get together

  7. That was funny, is this the scene real? So much fun at your house! I try to get my girls and K to eat together and like you said we part as enemies by the end of the meal!

    Oh its normal at my home! We are so much into out-doing each other, that its a laugh riot!

  8. Hey Ritu,

    Im a religious follower of your blog:)Its awesome awesome blog,And coming to this post ,i totally love the idea of condensed milk and mangoes.yummyyy.
    Keep up the fun work

    Thank you Deepthi

  9. LOL!!
    please to tell me ji how to say things in just THAT menacing tone 😀
    I might need it soon 😉

    Oh she is an expert at it. I think its natural talent! 😛

    and err work on that sneaking away part will ya? 😛

    Yeah I need to!

  10. Hehe..loved it!Can relate to typical dinner type drama but just I’m other end of the spectrum…the forever-asking-hubby-to-resolve-tech-issues-and-dessert-loving DIL!!!

    Yeah it is typical dining table scenario

  11. Condensed milk? Isn’t that just too sweet?

    But that’s the idea, I suppose. 🙂

    There is no such thing as too much sweet!

    Are you still delivering 15 articles a day?


    Quirky Indian

    Yes I am! I hope to get out of the debt trap pretty soon!

  12. Oh you poor girl! Why dont you just hide a small jar in your bedroom and enjoy a midnight snack? Nothinh like it to boost yourself, esp. if you have deadlines,..
    btw, I love the way you etch your family pictures on this blog!

    Thank you Pal

  13. Oh poor you Ritu, had to be content with 2 spoons of dessert! 😦 😛
    Tel me about PSPs and non-responding kids!! *rolls eyes* I have a TV watching spouse as well who needs to be prodded to answer the question, ‘Do you want some more rice/roti??’

    Oh I like it. I can say anything and their sassy retorts dont come in. They are engrossed elsewhere!

  14. ROFL

    mango and condensed milk thats something hubby would love

    let me serve it to him tonight

    and there is a different pleasure to sneak to the fridge cant beat that and at that moment we want to be caught dont we 🙂

    Yeah, its fun 😀

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