On AstroGyan

I am in a funk!

Once not so long ago, in an attempt to make sense out of my life …. remember I don’t plan and just meander through life?, well in an attempt to make sense out of my life I started learning astrology.

Astrology is just as cheerfully vague as me, so I felt right at home with the “can probably”, “maybe” and “if” atmosphere of the subject.

I even got a Jyotish Visharad in the subject.  No one can say I am academically inept.  My early education ensured that I can memorise or “ghota lagao” anything!

Now comes the problem.

My kids regularly ask me to read their charts for them


I hate it.  Dammit they want results!  They want facts!  They want proof!

All I have is “can probably”, “maybe” and “if”

Calling all you people out there ….

Do you know of a good astrologer?

I need answers …….

Help please

22 thoughts on “On AstroGyan

  1. Oh! I can relate to that. I got fascinated by Tarot too because I loved the artwork and stuff. Though I read them very rarely now.

    I love Tarot too! In fact I have about 8 different sets of those cards. The artwork is fascinating, and it really kick-starts the imagination!

  2. nope no clue 🙂
    but I am waiting till you find one 😀

    *thinking of all the questions I can ask* 😀

    Make a list. I have people coming with diaries and long questionnaires!!

  3. As Freya mentions above tarots fascinated me too…I know of a good one in Gurgaon…but if you find a good astrolger do let me know 🙂

    I love getting cards read! It is so imaginative and fascinating!

  4. the one i knw is in b’lore… try IHM…its her hobby and i believe she is good at it too 🙂

    btw have something for u on my blog, do check it out..

    Thank you! I love awards

  5. oh i hate it… I mean its fun in a way but then most of the people dont take it us fun and then if the person has something bad to see, one starts loosing hope

    my own real mamaji didnt even give 12th exam even after a tough time at home I hear because some astrologer told him he will fail and he didnt want to fail… he is doing good for himself somwhere now but repents a lot now

    and then I hate people like my dad who force it on others only yesterday on his own he went and showed my patri to one guy who told my time is very bad till next april… what am i supposed to do be happy, be sad ignore what???

    Kid#1 has the best idea. He believes all the nice things and then cheerfully says Astrology is tosh when anyone tells him about the not so nice things!

    and this is exactly why I dont like astrology… I dont argue whether its right or wrong I just say that its better not to know whats going to happen and take life as it is

    sigh… long comment… mostly my rant

    I know, fatalism does lead to this kind of thinking

    on the side dad knows a very good one in dwarka I think, will check with him and mail u

    Please do

  6. Oh, I’m good at this kinda stuff! I can tell your fortune over the internet without even having ever met with u.

    Take for example a scenario on your fate were u to accidentally wander into Taliban controlled territory – 100 lashes (50 each for not adequately covering up and walking around without the ‘proper’ male escort), followed by a gift of a burqa in a beautiful shade of blue.

    Feel free to hit me with any situation… I am open to consult with you at no charge, Ritu-ji. (I do insist on paying for the coffee, tho)

    Such fun! Free mein coffee bhi milega!

  7. @Monika Actually, to be very honest and psychology-wise correct, Tarot, Astrology, Numerology etc are all pseudo-psychologies. I can totally understand.

    People have to get real, the charts have been made ages ago and the stars have changed their positions.

    That is so true!

  8. Oye Kee ho gya??
    You are so versatile, and so weird,
    and that is what is loved the best about you.

    I want to see the future! That is all, and I dont believe my astro gyan

  9. Astrology is a statistical science. So in general it works well for the majority, but for the exception you need skills to decipher and predict accurately. IMHO, personal references of astrologers have most often worked…
    I knew of one guy, a good friend of mine, but I bugged him so much, with so many different ppl’s profile to look at, that he gave up astrology 😀

    Otherwise, the guy was good, now that hes stopped, don’t know what todo, he keeps telling me to contact TOI astrologers 🙂

    Hmmm one could do that as well!

  10. hi Phoenixritu, have been reading your blog for sometime and got addicted ever since!!!
    sorry never left a comment – but here … I am a great fan of your personality!
    BTW, actually reason for my comment is that I wanted to tell you I realised you are a lot like someone…. and I realised it yesterday while watching food network. Do you watch Paula deen on FN. here go the list of similarities – She loves cooking and eating, she has 2 sons, elder married, she is cute n chubby, she likes to dress up, she is funny, not sure if she writes…
    I am sorry about sounding so close on my first note to you – but I feel so… hope you dont mind..

    Paula Dean! Wow!!! Thanks Viji. No problem, bloggers open their hearts out, so we do inspire closeness!

  11. You can use the excuse that its not accurate when you check for your family as well you see its hard to objective that way..

    Temme if this excuse work.. my dad uses it all the time with us 🙂

    Its a standard one! I do that all the time …

  12. Yup..I hear you! I have had stints at Palmistry and I used it ONLY to make friends at college. And my standard opening prediction was about where the person would die! In his home country or abroad. What an optimistic start to reading the future!

    No wonder nobody came back asking for more 🙂

    Palmistry was a means of survival in college. I was the odd one out … married and a mother! It helped me gain friends too

  13. You are looking for an astrologer!! I doubt if you will find anyone more reliable than yourself… the most important thing is you will be honest. I have little faith in people who charge money for telling your future.

    Doctors cant heal themselves. We normally cant do a proper self assessment. Which is why I am interested in an outside source, will be more objective

  14. you could have as well become a doctor if you can “ghota lagao” so well!! 🙂 😀 😀

    Nearly did. I lasted 4 months in Jipmer Pondicherry, until I realized that its not my profession

  15. Astrology isn’t fortune telling. It’s a tool for better understanding yourself, and your life. The crucial element it free will. Astrology is guidance, not answers.

    P.S. I am an astrologer (western, not Jyotish)

    I concur – hence the ifs and maybes

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