You know its too hot when

1.  You have to stare hard at the fan to confirm that its working, since it does not produce cool breeze at full speed

2.  When you start seriously wondering if you should apply a paste made of mint and coriander on your face before cooking for the cool effect (I am sure it will do wonders for the skin too!)

3.  When the best item on the menu is kheera raita with bits of ice floating in it, closely followed by chilled water

4. Your idea of a good time is to read a novel soaking in a bath tub full of iced water

5.  When you are working out in the morning and Micheal Jackson’s death is announced, you dont know if you are wiping tears or sweat

6.  When you think its a jolly good idea to sell all the airconditioners in the house and buy coolers since the voltage to run the a.c.’s is not provided by the Powers That Be

7.  When you actually look forward to coming to office, reason being at least you get to sit in air conditioned ambience without power cuts

8.  When you sleep on the marbled floor of your bedroom because the floor is cooler than the mattress on your bed (My back hurts but its worth it!)

9.  When you seriously wish you’d retired and pushed off to the dream cottage in the hills (so what if you havent bought it yet?)

10.  When you make lists like this ………


17 thoughts on “You know its too hot when

  1. It’s so terrible!!! I just hate this heat… I have headache if I as much as walk to to the car while the sun is up… the heat feels like the earth is aflame…

    And sad about Michael Jackson, heard it on FM yesterday morning… I was in love with the way he moved when he was young…

    The poor guy! Fame and success just got to him! Some people are better off without it

  2. … or when you write something like this (excuse self-plug, but that’s what I would’ve commented anyway)

    Thank goodness it’s been cooler the past 2-3 days. The change in my energy levels is unbelievable!

    Totally agree with your blog entry. PS I think the blue swirls on your blog are lovely and so refreshing.

  3. Ritu 😦
    ditto for all the points 😦
    I live in this hellishly hot place too 😦 and SO get what you are saying 😦

    Someone send some rains here pleasee!!!!!!!!! 😦 😦

    I know, Godji aint listening

  4. Memji, now why wud u want to question whether thou art hot or not? Hum Simple Simon-no ko the point behind this exercise samjhao ji… hehehe

    Grumbling about the weather my dear!

  5. Tell me about it! I don’t have an air-conditioner in my apartment so decided to visit my aunts’ place for the weekend and would you believe it? No friggin electricity for 6 fuckin hours each night!! And this was in a ‘posh’ colony…
    Oh I could kill someone…

    😆 It happens

  6. well said,
    you at least have an ac at work,
    HUm toe gharib teachers hain, garmi mein bhi mazdoori karte hain,

    *Shudders and hugs Mampi with sympathy*

  7. hmm,is it that hot there??

    Here,where I am,Kerala,its really cold these days..I ahve to switch off the fan during early morning,to get a perfect sleep bcoz its really cool here..I hpe it rains soon there where you are 🙂

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