Calling all spammers out there!

I dont know how much spam you all get on your blogs!

On a good day I get 250 approx!  One a slow day about a hundred!

You can call me crazy, but I check out each and every one before deleting, because some friend or fellow blogger may have commented and the spam filter may have snagged it.  I dont wanna treat friends like that.  So, feeling very virtuous I check each before deleting.  It is my good deed for the day.  Makes my halo shine!  Angel Ritu to the rescue!  😛

That gets me to the crux of it all.  Does spam actually work?

Somebody from a blog named benefitsforhormones(dot)com wrote this comment on my blog entry titled “Planning a career our style”

Thanks for this. Bookmarking your blog.

Why?  To send more spam my way?  Besides what has that blog entry do with stuff you are plugging?

I write a poem to my non existent waist and Car rentals from Mexico wants to sell cars on it.  I fail to see the connection. ….

My elder son’s wedding blog posts have attracted spam from a whole lot of valium and other sleep inducing medicines

Dudes!  Well, if one sleeps through the night, one has no wedding!  Some one please eductate them!

Abhi toh I havent even got into the Free Animal Sex and other pervy stuff that comes on various tags like the self help category      😆

Have to admit that I do see a connection there …….

Porn spam does focus on tags, I guess.  The rest, specially the medicine ones are so random!

One die hard optimist is this one

I Love the way you write…thanks for posting

Comes from various mail ids to almost all my blog entries ……..  Persistant fella

And the one that says

I did not know that!  Thanks for the information!

The only reason I did not fall for it was it came on posts that were NOT informative!

Yaara, chodo na!  Nakal mein bhi akal chahiye should be changed to Spamming mein bhi akal istamal karo

To translate this : You need to use the brains God gave you, for cheating as well as spamming.

Leave me and my blog alone please!


14 thoughts on “Calling all spammers out there!

  1. “I Love the way you write…thanks for posting” 🙂
    wow, you are really really popular!!
    have u tried installing some spam blocker? duh.. obvious question na 😉


  2. you really are an angel, ritu. i dont get as much span as u but still hit the delete button without reading… it never even occured to me that i shud read before i delete!!i just think “its spam,i dont want it!”
    dnt get annoyed with the spam.. look at it this way- each time u read a spam mail, u do a good deed. imagine the amount of good karma you are collecting!!!;)

    Yeah !! *Goes off admiring my shiny polished halo*

  3. btw, i hv got tons of “I did not know that! Thanks for the information!”.. u know wat i write..just tell me how any of it is informative!!?

    ROFL! That is what I am saying exactly

  4. 😆
    and I get Indyeahforever is a good site..
    very informative is indyeahforever…
    indyeahforeverwordpress .com is my fav site…
    I will bookmark

    and is he/she suffering from some repetitive disorder?

    and yeah all this was in ONE sentence!

    but seriously so much spam? 🙄


  5. ooooooooo…250 spams…Its is a huge number..You are too popular Ritu 🙂 I get just 3-4 a day…

    Not popular! Maybe they think I am dumb and will let the links live!

  6. Seriously!! nakal ke liye bhi akal chahiye. I get around 20 spam daily.

    Why do they do it? Cant understand! It never works

  7. u are popular to say the least… but u seriously read the spam i never do

    Tell me about it. I dont get as many comments BUT I get spam

    and surprisingly i never used to get it in blogspot getting a lot in WP about 20 a day

    I dont know why WP is so singled out!

  8. The following is a spam message (please to ignore after reading):

    Sudhar jao, bacche. Itna bhi spam – woh bhi bina porn ka – self esteem ke liye accha nahin hain.

    Nahin bacche, I get a lot of porn spam too. Why would that leave me alone?. I know (thanks to the spam) a lot about MILF, animal sex, non consensual etc etc. Mera GK badh gaya hai

    Now, about the angel bit. Tussi God-ji ko jaante ho? Koi influence hain unke saath? Thoda world peace chahiye tha humme; agar aap unse ek baar zikar karte toh…

    Stray kamaal kartey ho! Godji does not give world peace, the Miss World does!

  9. Oh my God! I don’t get as much spam as you do, but I also always check before deleting!
    Offers of valium and porn and various other self help offers increased after my post on sex-education.
    I also get those ‘great post’ and ‘very informative post; spams …but not as many as you do…

    But then IHM you write serious thought provoking posts and I play the jester on my blog! So spammers are scared of you. Me – they engulf and devour

  10. i to have started recieving about 200 spams per day, though i dont have your patience to go through all of them and simply delete all there is in spam folder 🙂

    Good for you

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