New York …. Why?



I don’t know what Yash Raj movies wanted to say, and I dont know why they wanted to say either!  I think this movie had a poor script and even worse casting.

It is about these three very “with it” dudes studying in New York.

As it happens in Indian movies, no one is actually seen doing anything but romping around the lawns and racing around buildings.  Not one scene even mentions the courses they are taking.

Khair, that is how Hindi movies are ……

John and Katrina look too old to be undergrads.  I say this with a qualifying “if” because abroad you have the sovereign right to continue educating yourself till you are 35, but dudes you are Indian.

Neil looks like an undergrad, but other than that ….. he looks like a wuss!

They are buddies, just because Neil has the hots for Katrina and John does not know about it! LOL!!!!  Any way 9/11 happens, John gets arrested by FBI as a suspect and gets tortured.

Neil has already left and does not know.

John and Katrina get married and have a kid.

The torture scenes were a bit hard to believe.  Did Human Rights go on a vacation?  Was there no reaction?

And later on in the movie John heads a Terrorist Sleeper Cell!????

Any one who heads a sleeper cell is a suspicious bloke!  Cant say why he did not get it that his best buddy loves his wife.

Neil is roped in (coerced, framed etc etc ) by FBI to re-enter the lives of his pals to spy on John.  Only Irfan and his boss know about this sleeper cell and this plan. Hello?!

Actually Irfan as the ciggy smoking pasta hating America loving desi was good.  He’s married to an Italian and hates pasta and cheese.  Nice touch.

Neil looks too comfortable spying on his pals.  John looks too gullible.  Katrina looks hot – the only good point.

This movie could have been a thriller – but it was boring.

I was laughing when John was planting cellphone bombs on the outside of  the FBI building disguised as a window cleaner, in broad daylight

Seems like FBI is a group of chumps

Human Rights went on leave …..

So did the brains of the story writer …

Please guys, we’ve been starved for movies since the PVR strike.  Dont give us bilge-water!


17 thoughts on “New York …. Why?

  1. I had got free tickets from inox for this… but I stayed home to watch the first odi against the WI !!

    thank god… my wife and brother and his wife came back cursing… !!! I meanwhile smartly watched Yuvi smashing them around…

    lol… the sarcastic humour of Ritu rocks !!!!!!

    😆 I kept wondering Why did they make it? Why were so many people watching it, including me?

  2. Funny, very funny :)…completely agree with you!I was so excited with the slew of movies being released after a long gap that had almost made up my mind about Kambakth Ishq as well, now I have second thoughts, maybe a DVD will be a better idea…

    Yeah, DVD is a good idea

  3. Ha . Wait for the sequel . It will be called New Jersey , which will be followed by New Orleans , and the last but one will be New Buffalo . By that time , shooting in “phoren” location would have gone out of fashion , so the last of this incredibly “New” series of movies will be shot in Delhi , called “New Delhi” .

    😆 By that time they wont have money so will have to shoot in New Delhi

  4. Twice we went to the PVR, and it failed to attract me towards it.
    Thanks for your post, the movie is outta my mind now…

    LOL, maybe movie wallahs should pay us bloggers to refrain so that they sell tickets

  5. I am still gonna watch this movie!! 😀
    It’s been ages since I went to the theatre!
    The movie sucks big time, but I need my dose of bad Hindi movies to keep going!!! 😀 😀

    😆 I can understand

  6. I understand how disappointed u must be in not getting to see Neil in the buff, but why take off on the story writer(s)?!! (Anyway, t.h.a.t. scene is from ‘Jail’, not NY)

    P.S. – I wonder why there are nil entries on the blogsphere re the Pride marches across India… (take a hint)

    I took the hint Stray …. next post

  7. Hey,

    Nice review…Was planning to watch this one… but seems like ur recco is to shelve the plans….

    BTW absconding from twitter….Everything ok?

    Everything okay. Just busy

  8. I haven’t seen it but I’ve been led to believe that it is loosely based on ‘Khuda ke liye’. Have you seen that one? Human rights completely went for a toss after 9/11. The Fibbies had no clue and they had to do something! So they just randomly pick any muslim and beat him into confessing.

    That is so like India. I got into an argument after the movie – I thought they should have changed the location to India to make it believable. Our cops are inept

  9. Hey! Really like your blog. The movie wasn’t really that great.. but yeah, human rights DID go on vacation. Guantanamo Bay is a reality.

    Sad!!! I did not know but now I am learning

  10. this is exactly why i didnt see the movie yet. i was waiting for the reviews. im smart u see! the last bollywood movie i saw was all gloss n no substance.. i suspected this one wud be like that! im soo glad i saved myself something like 500 bucks!! he he he

    Smart of you. I was starved for a movie, see, and this is what I got

  11. The strong point was that of tremendous degrees of human rights violations. Have you seen Khuda Kay Liye? One theme of which deals with this. Truly frightening.

    It is scary! I think I reacted by disbelieving it happened

  12. De-lurking for bollywood 🙂
    I watched New York last night and quite liked it. It had masala, definitely not any great classic but enjoyable. The torture scenes and human rights violation cases are true and its also very true that FBI did target people based on their names. A lot of my Muslim friends have faced humiliation at airports after 9/11. KK looked great and for once her accent made sense in context. John did look a little old but I have had classmates with grandkids during my masters. NNM needs to learn acting, that I agree 🙂

    LOL on the delurking for Bollywood! Did you not find it slow?

  13. Actually I quite enjoyed the movie. As Neha said, Human Rights had gone on vacation. Its no like India, where Human Rights take on any violation – irrespective of religion or gener or caste or creed. In the US, after 9/11, Muslims were discriminated against and they were humiliated. People were randomly taken into detention and custody and later released when no proof was found against them. This movie very rightly shos the anger that normal middle-class people like you and me would have if so treated without any rhyme or reason, simply because their name happened to Salim or Khan.

    As for planting the cell-phone bombs in broad daylight, remember he was on a skyscraper so it wuld nto really have been visible to the naked eye from the streets and it was put in an unobtrusive position so people inside the building would not be able to see it.

    Maybe John & Katrina did look a little too old for the role as college students, but in the latter half I think they ahve done it really well.

    John’s anger was not against USA, but against the FBi for havng humiliated him just because he was a Muslim

    I found it farfetched and slow

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