My tribute to the gay march

DISCLAIMER: On a personal level male homosexuality makes me a tad more  uncomfortable while  lesbianism does not.  Possibly because I studied in all girls hostels and that was something I saw and dismissed with a shrug!  However I defend their right to live and love.

Gays do have a right to live free and with pride.  Its not new and definitely not unnatural.  Check out these quotes from the ancient world which seemed to be more tolerant than ours towards .

“Homosexuality,” Plato wrote, “is regarded as shameful by barbarians and by those who live under despotic governments just as philosophy is regarded as shameful by them, because it is apparently not in the interest of such rulers to have great ideas engendered in their subjects, or powerful friendships or passionate love-all of which homosexuality is particularly apt to produce.” This attitude of Plato’s was characteristic of the ancient world.

“Zeus came as an eagle to god like Ganymede and as a swan to the fair haired mother of Helen. One person prefers one gender, another the other, I like both.” Author unknown

Plutarch wrote , “No sensible person can imagine that the sexes differ in matters of love as they do in matters of clothing. The intelligent lover of beauty will be attracted to beauty in whichever gender he finds it.”

In ancient Rome gay men were not thought to be less masculine than straight men and lesbian women were not thought of as less feminine than straight women. Gay people were not thought to be any better or worse than straight people-an attitude which differed both from that of the society that preceded it, since many Greeks thought gay people were inherently better than straight people, and from that of the society which followed it, in which gay people were often thought to be inferior to others.

This tolerance in the times which we consider as barbaric?

I am glad that stupid law that persecuted gay people is under fire!  The cops have one less set of people to bully.



18 thoughts on “My tribute to the gay march

  1. I once wrote a very passionate article on homosexuality when I was working with a news agency. My fav cousin is gay and I’m so happy the law’s gonna be kicked out the door. Its draconian and should’ve gone when the Britishers left.

    Yeah, it should have

  2. Speaking of hostel girls, I had a friend once who thought all hostel girls are lesbians!!! :O

    LOLOL Sounds like a boy’s wet dream. Nah! Just isn’t true, though boys may wish it

  3. I was more prejudiced to the thought of gay and lesbianism until I saw the movie Philadelphia…and then I sort of started thinking of them like us, maybe a little different but human beings still…Have you seen the movie?It is my all time fav…good post!

    No I havent. Must see it then ……A friend of my son is gay and that brought this issue in forefront for me

  4. i hate that law just because as all humans they have a right to live and do what they feel, how can sexual preference be a crime??? good that its about to go

    Yeah, and cops have less stuff to bully non-criminals with. It gets me, they are such cowards in front of the criminals and bully innocents

  5. Don’t know if I ever mentioned it, but… I totally lowe you, Ritu-ji! Thank u so much for caring!!!

    Some of my best friends are homosexuals and it hurts so much to see them not be allowed to live Life to the fullest, merely because of a prejudice to same-sex relationships in society. I A.D.O.R.E. my gay friends and think they constitute some of the most gorgeous people on Mother Earth.

    I must catch up with u when in Delhi next. Will get your details from a friend of a friend whom u know … hehehe, SURPRISE, its a small world. 🙂 Expect muft ka coffee and gyan.

    Wow! Small world. I would love to meet you too, and this friend of friend, whoever that is …..

  6. No suspense on that – Chandni knows Ramby Whippersnapper, who is a mucho good fiend ( and nope!, I didn’t miss an ‘r’ there).

    Hopefully, Ramby will come along too. He’s just so paranoid about being in sunlight, not to mention being shy and all… sigh!

    Today’s judgment is supercilious!! Its P.A.R.T.Y. time!!

    😀 You guys come on over! We will have a party

  7. Yes this was a much needed change. And you are right, homosexuality was accepted in ancient times.

    I remember vaguely… Achilles, one of the warriors in the war against Troy was Bisexual. He was the bravest and would have not been involved in the war if the boy he was in love with had not been killed.

    Greeks were most comfortable with homosexuality! They spent time in long campaigns and liked the all boys’ network and love. Women fought with their men often because of it, and it was a subject of Greek comedies

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  9. We consider those times barbaric and they sure were more tolerant! 🙂
    Good that the law is scrapped.

    Yeah, we sure are getting more mature

  10. Yes a historic verdict from the Delhi High Court. Along with ‘Philadelphia’ one should also watch the movie ‘Milk’ and read the autobiographical Novel by Indian doctor Abraham Varghese named ‘My Own Country’.

    Thank you for the inputs

  11. “On a personal level male homosexuality makes me a tad more uncomfortable while lesbianism does not. ” I too think this way, though i dont know the rational behind such thinking of mine!!

    And yes, good that 337 was scraped! 🙂

    Yes!!! It is

  12. After the High court’s judgment, no less than 8 different challenges have accrued to the Supreme Court – an astrologer, the church, a yoga guru and what not…it’s a circus.

    It’s actually quite amusing to see them all. Homosexuality has united all the religious leaders – something that no one has been able to do for the past 65 years!

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