Hip and Happenin Oldies

I think I am a diehard traditionalist, set in my ways …. at least in some habits ……

I have memories of waking up to the sound of the cooker’s whistle drowning down the Vividh Bharati

Sounds of the song “Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyaar Ke Charchey Har Zubaan Par”

K. L. Sehgal, Manna Dey, Kishore …………..

I loved Asha Bhonsle

Hated Lata Aunty’s voice, found it too shrill

See I was an opinionated brat and was proud of being one!

I have kept up the traditions ….

I exercise to music channels playing Aa chance par dance karley and the likes

Nothing like doing your stretches to music channels playing dhin chak Hindi music

I am quite a square

A whisky swigging trash talking zany woman, but a square nevertheless

I met a cousin yesterday and we decided to spend some quality time catching up

We stopped at a pub and had a few drinks and were discussing life in general and stuff like that

I hear a cellphone ring.  The ring tone was “Hey Saala” from Rang De Basanti

I looked around ….

Never thought it was my cousin, dammit he is old hanh!  I can clearly remember him turning his nose up at cellphones and telling me he would never allow his school going kids to keep them

He hated MP3 players and Ipods since kids turned into zombies after plugging on the earphones

He took that cellphone out of his pocket and dealt with the call

I gulped down my drink in an effort to control my jaw that nearly dropped on the floor


Dudes, what’s with the world these days????

Me : Ummm Bhai, did the kids put that ring tone on your mobile?

Bhai : No I did, I like the song

Me : Downing a handful of moongphali chaat to control my suprise : You did?

Bhai : Proudly: Yeah I have an entire collection of them and change them often.  Your Bhabhi is boring, she only keeps Sharukh songs as ring tones.  I keep updating hers too.  My Ipod has a huge collection

Dammit, I dont know how to add music to my Ipod!!!

Just at that moment my phone rings a staid Tring Tring

Bhai : Oh this is boring.  Let me change your ring tone for you

Me : Hanging on to my cellphone and shreds of my dignity : No, I prefer a plain ringtone.

Dammit, I’ll remain a small townie and traditionalist.  I am taking a stand.  My phone will continue to have a plain and simplistic ring.

Mumtaz+Rajesh Khanna movie anyone?


18 thoughts on “Hip and Happenin Oldies

  1. LOL! I am closer to your kids’ age but I still have the old tring tring. I also prefer Mumtaz+RK movies over SRK ones. I guess, hip + happening has nothing to do with age 🙂


  2. Ohh… yess… my mom was and still is a traditional Vivid Bharti lover and even today when back home I get up to that…

    and the pressure cooker whistles which we brothers used to desist… !!

    you just invoked such lovley memories… !!!

    I remember the most repeated song would be Le ke pehla pehla pyaar from CID !!!!!!

    those were the days… why is suddenly everyone nostalgic… is it the rains ????

    May be! Or may be its my Kid#2’s birthday that started me off

  3. sigh! just realised i m old too.. damn! i also love a plain tring tring.. when its not silent, that is.

    I know!! My cousin is 66 yrs old dammit, and he knows how to do all that. Shocked me!

  4. 😀 Sahi hai! 🙂

    Btw i was pleasantly surprised that you too (like me) prefer Ashaji’s songs over Lataji’s 🙂

    Yes I do. She, and her voice has spirit and life, Lataji’s voice is too perfect for it to be lively.

  5. I like that song 😀
    but then I am an oldie for some of my students 😦

    *goes away pondering*


    ROFL, go kiss some one inappropriate. It will make you feel young 😛

  6. nice song, though I prefer shammi kapoor numbers, the guy rocks 🙂
    Vaise I dnt know how to change my ringtone either, but i like to blame it on the phone itself! The phone ain’t compatible 🙂

    Yeah he does! That dude was good

  7. Hahaha, it should have been your phone instead of his that spoke out hey saala…
    come on, we expect that of you, girl.

    I am soooo tempted ……

  8. U cud get aaj kal tere pyar ke sapne as a ringtone and make derisive remarks about “non traditional” music. :)..
    have ur cake and eat it too

    Hehehehehe, lovely idea

  9. haha .. na na no Mumtaz- Rajesh Khanna – we’ll watch that over popcorn when they do reruns on DD . Remember Sunday evening movies on DD ? Till then we’ll dance to Singh is King and down our beers in a pub and use the most dhin chak ringtones on our cellphones . Come on Ritu !

    Yeah, letz party

  10. Hey, time to change…get some attention and make some youngies stare…feel young…(I am trying to do the same)

    I know. I just got a wake up call that evening

  11. Cud we do a Kishore-da movie instead, please? How about Chalti da Naam Gaadi!

    I really wish there were theatres around that screened some purana Hindi movies… and if they were drive-in ones, Life wud be awesome!! Our Indian culture is being totally shamed by the lack of it all, I tell you.

    Yeah, the totally seeti bajao fight sequences with music in the background. The cop on the megaphone saying “Hathyar phaink do, police ne tumhe chaaron aur se gher liya”, I loved them totally

  12. My very hip, happening and totaly tech-savvy husband has ‘Ae mere pyare watan’ as his ringtone and we both prefer the old songs cuz we grew up on those. Give me Hary Bellafonte & Abba anyday against Linkin park & Beyonce 🙂

    Beatles, Donny Osmond, Niel Diamond, Abba, and humarey Kishore, Asha, Manna Dey and Mukesh! Oh they were great!

  13. You a traditionalist?? It was the same “you” who talked about the G-Spot and Cleavage?? Isn’t it? How come you’ve become a traditionalist? 😛

    btw, you’ve spelt Asha Bhonsle wrong. Sorry, but I had to point out!

    Better check that out! Thanks for pointing it out

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