The concept of reincarnation made simple

I love fantasy thrillers.  I believe, Nah! am totally convinced, that THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE to borrow a phrase from Fox Mulder.  So it made perfect sense to me to bring up the kids to have more than a passing knowledge of the parallel universe.

I kid you not!  My kids knew what caused the eclipses.

Rahu and Ketu caught up with Sun and Moon and swallowed them whole.

The schools were completely misguided!!! Stupid people they were, they tried to feed us bullhshit!

Thunderstorm meant that Shiva was dancing the tandava.

Varun had flatulence, hence the summer loo.  I know, but could not resist that one


We discuss Isaac Asimov’s world and Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Darkover with the intensity people reserve for India Pakistan politics or the economic condition of U.S.

I am not joking.  We even trace the elliptical wobble of Darkover caused by its three moons and discuss why the sun is bloody coloured.  We have indepth knowledge of planets (when the kids were young, we spent hours on the roof in summer studying them with binoculars and comparing them with the zodiac signs).

DIL does not understand or try to ….. sigh!

We have great indepth knowledge about werewolves, vampires, animals that talk, e.s.p. , warlocks and witches ….. (I am one!)


I did not know I was creating tradition or it was a heritage thing ……..

Last night I was watching THRILLER!  This is my tribute to M.J.  I watch his videos to destress now …. poor chap!

KID #1 : Again?!  Mom get a life!

ME : I have one, and right now it is M.J. centric

DIL : Ewww, why Thriller!  I hate those zombie thingys

All three of us shocked speechless at such blasphemy!!

KID #1 : She did not like Queen of the Damned!  She left the movie hall!

DIL :  I dont like X Men too!

Me :  Completely stunned and spluttering : #$%&$#!!!!!!!!!

They walk out arguing the merits of watching these movies and the last I hear is DIL complaining that adamantium claws are not aesthetic!

Kid#2 : Ma, do you believe in vampires?

Me : Yup!  I believe in werewolves and centaurs and unicorns and ….

Kid#2 : Yeah, I do too.  I believe all these creatures are mutants, poor chaps

Me : I believe in reincarnation too.  Only I can’t explain how the memories get stored and get into the next body.  My logic kinda fails me  …..

Kid #2 : Dammit Ma, you’re dumb.  Its so simple.  Memories in computers are stored in the hard disk right?

Me : Ya

Kid#2 : The soul or the central energy system of the body stores the memories.  When the new body comes, its a simple case of rebooting and bingo the memories are there.

Me : Pushing the concept further : Yeah, and if the memories do not get rebooted, the system is incompatible.  I get it.  Its a simple case of Windows and Mac right?

Kid#2 : Pleased that I got it : Yeah!

There you are folks! Reincarnation made simple by the Phoenix Folk!


23 thoughts on “The concept of reincarnation made simple

  1. LOL!!

    Fantasy is so important. Grew up with steady doses of stories form puranas, mythology etc. I am all for scientific explanations but I wish more people realized the role of mythology and fantasy in our lives…

    Fantasy is essential. If we did not have fantasy, we would invent it. Besides I believe I am a witch anyway 😛

  2. care to adopt me!?

    Of course!

    always felt a misfit elsewhere..growing up i thot unicorns & elves & witches & warlocks were real. I still think they are – in some parallel universe somewhere. 🙂

    and i hope i can pass on that to my kid as well.

    Ummm, I believe the world exists hidden in our world. Rowling was right – magick and muggle worlds exist side by side

  3. What an eye-opener of a post, that! Brilliant. Made me think too. Re-inc is like taking your SIM card out of the old Nokia and inserting it into a new i-Phone. Coooooool! Thanks for enlightening us, Ritu.

    Yeah makes sense doesnt it?

  4. Snape: Now now now… Who doesn’t like X-Men, eh?
    Malfoy: Professor! Harry doesn’t.
    Snape: POTTER!! 50 points from Gryffindor, and a detention. AND you have to watch all four X-Men movies today, and write two rolls of parchment about the character of Wolverine, to be handed in by tomorrow.

    LOL, never mind! Harry will make 3 times those points in Quidditch matches

  5. And I must say this – “You ARE the COOLEST woman I know ” . If I could , I would start a small animated series , basing the protagonist on you , and call it , The Phoenix Files .

    Hey thanks. I am flattered! Just for that I’ll adopt you or be foster grandma to your kids!

  6. Ha ha 🙂

    Is windows and Mac an issue with soul being reincarnated in the wrong gender? He he 😉

    Aathira, souls do not have a gender!!! Of course now, no sexuality means quite a boring after life, no food too …. wonder what those guys do over there!

  7. LOL!!! I love the computer logic…it seriously makes sense and I almost believe it 🙂

    We shall make believers out of you skeptics 😆

  8. Fantastic logic. I too love the Rahu-Ketu theory much better than the scientific explanation, but kept it from the kids. Going by your experience it seems much more fun to share it with them n see what logic they come up with!

    Yes it is. Any way, I never was good at keeping up appearances, so in my family, everything is out in the open. If I like something, kids are free to check it out, accept it or reject it

  9. Hahahaha! What wonderful logic! Have always admired logic and this is irrefutable logic made really simple and at its best! 😛

    Yeah, I was quite impressed too. The kid is smart 😛

  10. ah
    lucky kids to have such a cool mom.
    i am only waiting for the young couple to have a kid so that he/she can also enjoy this mad young granny.
    love you
    want to be a MIL like you, want to be a mom like you

    Thanks Mampi. Oh the young couple is scared I’ll spoil grandchildren silly … and rightly so! I absolutely will. It is my divine right!

  11. Lolz…i totally love this funda ;D
    I’m also crazy for all magical and thriller movies…though my parents hardly ever allowed me to watch such movies…but now since i’m independent i take full advantage of the freedom 😛

    Enjoy! Make up for lost time and opportunity

  12. 🙂 This is the reason I love reading your stuff.. makes my day the cool logic and the fun aspect of a fabulous family bonding.. such a rare treat these days .. magical

    Thanks Tikuli

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