All about wanderlust

Ever noticed that one has cycles and mood swings always?  I mean yesterday was cloudy and it rained.  That was fun.  For us in this side of the globe, rain is

a) Never enough

b) Never unwelcome

c) Never bad weather

I can not identify with stuff I read about rain being dull and dreary.  WTF

We love rains, because rain for us means life!  Chai Pakora time!  I was thrilled.

The boys had gone out grocery shopping.  No you cant call child abuse or human rights.  Them stuff dont live in India.  Besides I think its good training for them.  My sons are house broke, they cook, wash clothes and grocery shop!  I am too cowardly to get them to wash the dishes.  I am scared that they would end up breaking them on my head!  Never mind, they can do this much and will make their wives happy, its enough. But I digress.

Yesterday I was happy and since the boys werent around, I made myself killer pakoras and had tea pakora for dinner!  I know I really push it!

Today is hot.  The sun is out and its hot and sticky.  I’ve got the blues.  I want out.  I am tired of parenting.  I am tired of wondering what to cook, how to balance the money with the needs, all I want is to take off.

I’ve done it earlier.  Just pushed off for a couple of days to recharge batteries.

My modus operandi is simple.

Check out the money in the bank.  See where I can go and park myself.  Only rule being that I dont know any one in that town.  Take off.

Come back chilled, destressed and ready to put nose on grindstone.  All I need is a room, TV, and of course enough vodka to pass out.  Simple wants arent they?

Wonder how other people unplug from the daily grind ………


22 thoughts on “All about wanderlust

  1. I was thinking just the same thing last time it rained in my part of the world – how the sky overcast with clouds never looks gloomy; always inviting, tempting, exciting! We aren’t obviously Londoners tired of wet weather!

    I know, rain is so much fun here …

  2. Brilliant idea! Reminds me of the long train journeys when unknown small railways stations would urge me to get down there and explore the city, I never managed to do it though…
    As for rain,though it is welcome it should rain for 2-3 days and cool the darned weather down. All that rain yesterday turned into a damp squib because it hardly rained for 20 mins and the sun is out…very depressing!

    Yeah 😦

  3. Earlier when I would talk to some britisher and they would say its a glorious day… and I would ask them how… and they would say its sunny… !!!

    and thy would ask me how is out there in India and I say its sweltering hot and sunny… not a cloud in sight.. and they would say WOW …

    I mean WTF !!!

    come here beta.. in this near 50 degree heat drive my bike and stand on the red signal at 3pm…. and than say WOW !!!!

    I so so so love the rains… just yesterday while driving on the highway I and my bro noticed how clean things were… how everything was wasshed… the greens… the grass growing everywhere… India suddenly seems so much beautiful na in rains… went home and had tomato soup… !!!!! steaming piping hot… no pakora’s coz sever throat infection… otherwise its the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    To unwinding for me happens in various ways.. sometimes playing blocks with sonny sometimes or watching cricket highlights… sometimes going out and having a samosa or a kachori or some paani poori with biwi… sometimes playing games on my laptop… or listening to music and singing along loudly till everyone come to grab my throat… 🙂 😀

    With a sore throat, every one would want to choke the sound heh! Travel … its the best for de-stressing

  4. ya. i too love the rain. love the grey skies. so many shades. esp when the light filters thru them. how can anyone call the rain dreary!>!>!

    “all I want is to take off”
    echo you there. but with kiddo! 🙂

    Leave kiddo with naani or daadi, or even with spouse

  5. Rains are just lovely… the smell.. the clean air after the shower… aaahhh. And obviously chai pakora is any day welcome here too!

    Yeah, but wish it happened more often

  6. wow, u can really do that…I intend to go off too some day after my kids grow more independant and all that… Till then I go to the loo and bolt myself in and read…

    You brought back memories of what I used to do when the kids were small 😆

  7. Chai and pakoras! Oh man, you’ve made me feel hungry.

    That’s a great way of unwinding. Always works for me. The trouble is, I’ve run out of places within reasonable driving distance of Mumbai. You Dilliwallas are luckier – you have a lot more to choose from.


    Quirky Indian

    Quirky, hire a boat and space out in it for a day or two, just you, boat wala and ocean

  8. Its raining cats and dogs here in aussieland.

    And its been raining ALL DAY.

    My feelings about rain are exactly like yours.
    “Never unwelcome, never enough, never bad weather”
    And I always have a hard time explaining to my friends WHY i love rain so much.

    To sit at the window with a cup of chai and some cookies while it rains outside is the best feeling ever! 🙂

    Long comment no? hehe.
    Delurking here actually. Initially came over from Mad Momma’s. Love all your posts! 🙂

    Thanks for the compliment. I love your blog, very pink and warm. Just hopped over myself.

  9. Yeah mine are kind of similar too……I need a few days in an unknown town, and lots of chick lit to read, a huge, comfy bed, lots of food delivered to my door!

    Heaven isnt it?

  10. Its a brilliant idea! Go to Mcleodganj. There’s not much to sight-see but food is amazing and dirt cheap. You get cheap places to stay too. Lemme know if you wanna go, Ill dig up places.

    I take weekends off since I live on my own. Maid takes off for two days and I sleep and read and eat cheesy, fried, chocolatey stuff! 🙂

    Mmmmm, sounds like a yummy heaven

  11. I am In Dilli.
    Need I say more?
    Love the rains!*sigh*
    monsoons have a diff meaning here 🙂

    unwinding with a good book, piping hot chai and something to munch 🙂

    Corn is also a good option

  12. wo gili mitti ki khusbho…..rains will always be dear to us Delhi people, or ppl like me who just can only imagine Delhi now!’sigh’ I guess I am missing home.
    To unwind, I go grocery shopping alone…..without my 4 year old in tow…..yeah thats how exciting life is these days…..:-(

    Ouch! Never mind, this too shall pass! It did for me ….

  13. hmmm Rains ..well they do bring out the best in me as a poetess and as a person. It does sometime make me blue but then that too is a part of the beauty. Yea I agree monsoon is the time for hot tea and spicy pakodas with tangy chutney.. even a butta with lotsa lime and masala.. Wish we had a good rainfall.. took some pretty cool pix for I am sure we may not get to see much of rain magic in Delhi now :(..

    Yeah monsoon rains are poetic and have a certain majesty about them

  14. Ummm…. I hate to get you jealous BUT i live in the UK and it’s ALWAYS raining here. In fact it’s raining now. 😛 😛

    Really bad weather old chap!!!! 😛

  15. I believe that my Mother-in-law would have also thought like you only… that’s why Hubby helps me out with everything…from grocery shopping to cooking to doing dishes… and everyday i feel thankful to mom-in-law 🙂

    If you really feel like taking a break…i think you should just do that before it really starts getting on your nerves and drives you crazy… 😛
    I’ve been through such ‘blue’ days… and rains would always make me feel better. I can’t imagine how can such beautiful weather be a reason for depression for anyone ?

    Rains are something we really love ….

  16. My idea of chilling out is me sitting by the window in a train with a good book and my ipod and me sometimes redaing, sometimes gazing out. or sitting at the doors of the train with a friend not talking, just listening to music or sometimes chattign till late at night.

    For mini breaks, I take a good book and retire into the nearest coffee shop and order a tall cold coffee/ cappucino (depending on mood) and something gooey and chocolatey 🙂

    Would love to be on a train …. with book and Ipod. Heaven!

  17. You’re the coolest, Ritu! Btw, my idea of chilling out is definitely Retail Therapy 🙂 or a good movie with a tub of ice-cream!

    That is good for short breaks, very very short breaks … sigh!

  18. I love the rains too… but not much in winters! I remember being puzzled by Enid Blyton’s unwelcome cloudy days 🙂

    And my break is blogging 🙂 Or visiting some friends and relatives…

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