Faith and Hope a 55er


He wiped chalk stained hands on the seat of his trousers while counselling the fresh young faces in front of him “FAITH IN THE DIVINE MAKES THE IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE, NEVER GIVE UP HOPE”. At home his wife stared hopelessly at the empty gas cylinder.  Faith and hope lose out when they encounter penury and recession.


11 thoughts on “Faith and Hope a 55er

  1. Maydum, simple solution hain nee… needs ko control mein lao nee, to penury aur recession ka zero effect hoga na, waddi sa-een.

    On a serious note, here come a million hugs your way. 🙂

    LOL, wonder why my fiction seems convincing …..

  2. Absolutely beautiful! But I think you could do without the last line. Maybe introduce something in between. Brilliant 55-er!!

    Hmmm, let me try out versions

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