Signs that we are finally coming of age

kaminey-posterI saw Kameeney and I loved it.  It gives me great joy to see Indian cinema getting more mature.  Thank God that we do not have to be holier than thou or perfect and do herogiri any more.  I mean, we still like the macho stuff but it is not mandatory.

The signs were there in a movie called Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na in which Sharukh fails and gets a fraud mark sheet to impress his father.

Dil Chahta Hai had Saif robbed by a Gori that he picks up at Goa, and Akshaye making a very bad choice in the woman in his life and sticking by it.

Even women’s sexuality has come of age.  I remember enjoying the fact that Rani wakes up after a night spent with Saif in Hum Tum with a big smile.  There was no guilt or regret.  She is simply sated and happy.  It felt apt and natural.

Here we have Priyanka pretending to stammer to get her guy, fighting off her brother’s goons for him, and even rushing him into marriage.  I loved the romp in the hostel room, the search for the missing condoms, her dialogue

“I toh like you without ca ca ca clothes only!”

It was natural, normal and heck it was fun!  So was Shahid’s unsuccessful attempt to weasel out of the consequences of the resultant pregnancy. It wasnt herogiri but it was natural.  Life isnt about herogiri anyway.  Its about getting by, dreams not coming true, or being replaced by others.  Opportunities striking at the most inopportune moments ……..

I loved the fact that it depicts two brothers (twins no less) who hate each other, and have not even seen each other for 3 years.  Dudes muscular Shahid looked hot, not the choco boy he normally is.  Dhan Tanaa was such a guys high on testosterone kind of song!

Loved the stammer and the lisp … its so original!

Acting was good, so was the story and the editing.  I think Vishal Bharadwaj has another winner after Omkara.  Omkara made Saif, and this will definitely make Shahid.

Heck never knew Vishal Bharadwaj had a quirky sense of humour … can you simply imagine a song about condoms?!!!! My mother would have freaked – Yup  she would have! 😆

Priyanka desperately needed a movie that showed her impish side – and this did.

Go see Kameeney!

17 thoughts on “Signs that we are finally coming of age

  1. I agree…Kaminey waf awefome. We thoroghly enjoyed it. It had shades of Tarantino and ‘Dha tenanan’ had the entire audience dancing in a pofh Ggn mall 😛

    That must be an experience. I faw it in Faridabad! No dancing but ftill had fun!

  2. So you liked it as well, eh? This is the first movie review I’ve seen here, isn’t it?
    Oh yes, Kaminey is superb, Kaminey is fabulous and Kaminey is different. But I only wish that people stop lisping ala Charlie! 😛

    Ftop being a fpoil fport!!! 😛

  3. No ‘f’ words please we are truly Indians
    lest you want Sena of Shiva with bludgeons
    or that of Sri Ram that always threatens,
    coz you like your hero with shades of villians.

    A cafe of comments ufurping the poft.:)

    LOL Govind, I really enjoy your verses

  4. Will definitely do after reading this recommendation 🙂

    I have only read rave reviews till now!
    You will love Deepika Padukone in Love Aaj Kal, when she tells Saif she only pretended to be drunk so that he would do something (in Saif’s words, take advantage of her):) I am so glad we are finally coming of age.

    Welcome back IHM. BTW there is an award and tag for you in my blog. Please pick it up

  5. caught it on the first day… and absolutely loved it…….refreshing and as you said, hope it makes shahid…. all the dialogues are so good..

    They are. Slick editing, great acting and very original

  6. Shahid jahan apna shirt nikaalta hain, wahin se ladkiyon ki line shuru ho jaati hain… which is quite understandable. Lekin apna status ka to khayal rakho, Ritu-ji!

    ROFL! I toh am like this only ….., Shahid was good eye candy in the movie!

  7. I have heard so much about this movie, that I really am itching to see it. But Ritu, I wish you hadn’t spilled so many of the beans in this post 🙂

    Oh I did not! What I wrote about is already being shown in the promos.

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