Weekend crazy language

My children often complain that I am childish.  I always counter that I am child-like not childish.  I have innocence and simplicity and ……. GAAH I give up !  That sounds over sweet, which I most definitely am NOT!!!

Well, like they say, Growing old is mandatory, growing up is not!  Grown ups do not have any sense of fun, which makes life stressed, full of broken dreams, angst, bills and all the other curses of life on earth.  Tell ya Outer Space is much better.

Seems like none of us siblings grew up – ever.  When we get together, spouses get disgusted, children embarassed – and they try to ignore us – which is so difficult considering the loud guffaws and even louder repartee from our side of the living room!  Poor things, but not our fault!

Yeah some of us got together for a sibling pow wow.  As is the norm with us, sense and maturity flew out of the window and silliness prevailed.  Simply wunnerful

A few drinks down the line, the conversation got stuck on money. Now this can normally be a weep-fest or a whine whine kind of time.   It did start like that

COUSIN 1 : You know college kids are a pain in the butt!  Education, car, clothes, bills ……

COUSIN 2 : (Man after my heart!) Bill is a four letter word.  I love Uma Thurman because she did KILL BILL

ME : Hmmm, well she looked hot doing it too, almost made me Bi …..

COUSIN 1 : Pity “Money” is not a four letter word!

Me : Cash is …….

COUSIN 2 : ( I think booze had hit him by then) So is undy

We exchanged happy grins, since it reminded us of a game we used to play “Substitution” where we replaced one word with another for a day.  Used to drive the parents nuts, imagine calling a pencil “baingan bharta” for one whole day.

ME :  Apna Sapna Undy Undy

COUSIN 1 : Undy hai toh honey hai

COUSIN 2: For a Few Undies More

Me : Boo!  That was dollars not money!

Both cousins : Hey we can subsitute all Rupee Dollar Yen and such like with all undy type words!

Me (sensing a huge opportunity here) Put your undy where your mouth is!

Silence as they digested this one and acknowledged a winner!  I mean I am QUEEN of language aint I???? Smirk Smirk

Both looked at each other and grouped up against me! Dammit they always do that!  Been doing that for more than 40 years!

Both consulting with each other and saying : Sabsey bada UNDY!!!!!

The whole family, some 16 of them gathered around to check out what us old farts were up to …..  Bets were placed in the true tradition of the famiglia and sides taken …

The hourglass was set solemnly between the two warring parties, Them both together, me on my ownsome, drinks replenished  …….. rules set, every underwear synonym could be used and every money synonym too …

Me : Kaccha is the root of all evil

They : Kaccha talks

Me : Undy makes undy

OMG it went on and on!  I never knew money could be so much fun.  We keep getting so serious about the damn thing, mourning about the lack of it, grabbing at it, fighting for it!  Why not play?  Money really ought to be fun ….

We were getting drunk and sillier by the minute …..

Me : Chaddi is Power!  Long live the pink chaddi!!!

Them : Kaccha cant buy happiness, for that buy viagra !!!

Me : OMG! I am sooooo gonna blog about this!

Them : Yeah, like they say Jocks talks

Me : Yes it does!  But I’ll try to keep it “Brief”

People, I was declared the winner and got to eat the last dahi bhalla on the table!  



26 thoughts on “Weekend crazy language

  1. ** HIC **

    ROFLMFAO !!!!

    interesting you still remember every thing… !!!

    ha ha ha…

    Oh no I dont – it went on for more than an hour! Another sally was something about saving kachha for a rainy day and so many more

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh that was HILARIOUS!!!! I love family when they’re so quirky and wicked … who needs adult-type tensions, hmpfh

    Oh yeah, this is how families should be – insane

  3. 1.) Undy Undy Undy must me funny, it’s a rich man’s world 🙂
    2.) If health is lost, something is lost; if Character is lost, everything is lost, but if Kachcha is lost nothing is lost.

    I know these sound like such PJs (;))compared to your bhalla winning brief where the mouth is 🙂

    Awww good ones, but here I shall be immodest and say some of mine were simply unprintable … really creative use of underwear for money types. I deserved the dahi bhallas

  4. Ha ha tht sounds like a fun weknd game to play with the husband and now I’mm already a few up on him…thnx to you & IHM 😛

    You go right ahead and win!!

  5. WoW! I didn’t know such games existed. And I’m suprised you remember this evening in such detail.

    That game I will have to try. I think i’m young enough to play it. 😉

    And CONGRATS!!!!
    YOU WON!!!

    😆 😀

    Huh!!! Did not know there was an age limit. Anyways (shrug) I am young enuf to play it too 😛

  6. I thought torn undies will be changed at the bank
    and of those I had many and they really stank
    but they refused saying I was playing the prank
    For my experience I have only your blog to thank.

    I am quite surprised, for it was just a game
    So for your experience do not my blog blame
    Think instead how you earned a lot of fame
    For adding fun to your bankers’ day quite tame

  7. Very entertaining! At my family gatherings, somehow we end up talking about food. Its the strangest thing. No matter what topic we take up for discussion, it ultimately makes its way back to food!!

    Food is the best of God’s creation, yes it is

  8. Ritu, I have broken a rib or two laughing. OMG this is too good!! :-))))))

    LOL yeah, had to put it up on record, age definitely has not mellowed us or made us “sensible” 😛 😛

  9. LMAO… just can’t stop laughing 😛
    In college (can’t really call it a college though )… we used to play thing game putting ‘…in her undies/ panties ‘ after the name of every movie …too funny…and at times people will come up with gross combinations too ..but it used to fun 😉

    Sounds like fun! Must try this one soon

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