I am Cowgirl, I am Indian … MIND IT!!

quick-gun-murugan-new-wallpaper01Signs that the above holds true for me …. or any other right thinking Quick Gun Murugan person in vilayti guize or not!

1. Designates time of the year by pickles – Summer = Mango Pickle, Winter = Gobhi Shalgam pickle, Autumn =  Nimbu Pickle, any other season mirchi pickle and mixed pickle

2. Can eat pizza like roti, you know with fingers, tearing up bits and dipping into the sauce it comes with – after dosing it generously with chilli flakes

3. Can eat dosa with fork, knives and spoons, you know, slicing pieces and forking it into the sambhar that comes with it, and spooning it into the mouth

4. Has a Pavlov syndrome : Say Bedekar, Murukku, Mathi, Samosa and the mouth waters.  One does not even have to see it for the watering to start.  This syndrome attacks out of country Quick Gun Murugans more acutely than the home bound desis

5. Suffers loss of appetite if asked to eat dal chawal with cutlery and thinks eating mango with cutlery is sacrilege

6. Head automatically bows down when passing any temple, church, gurudwara or the like

8. Will look at people from same community with disfavor specially if they are richer than you, and people from other communities with total suspicion

9. Will be completely superstitious but show the world that they dont believe in mumbo jumbo – but say Shani and they take cover

10. Can accomodate and adjust – to anything potholes, power cuts, water shortage, kachra, stray cows, but the moment you say anything against Ma, Behn, Baap, God they will riot

11. Think Katrina is the desi equivalent of gori mem

12. Think Priyanka is better because she is desi

13. Thinks weddings are social outings

14. Thinks visiting temples in far off places is vacation

15. Visits the neighbourhood temple to catch up with news of the colony

Feel free to add more



13 thoughts on “I am Cowgirl, I am Indian … MIND IT!!

  1. Where were you??? Love this agree with each of these!! I can eat anything with a tarka of red chilli, and even the blandest Pizza with a sprinkling of chilli flakes 🙂

    Yeah, and not one firang person understands that chilli is actually a flavor – not the spicy burn!

  2. The first chance I get, the juicy Paan in my mouth I spit.
    I have no qualms of breaking wind and the stink that I emit
    even when with strangers I can lift my arm and scratch my armpit
    for a few hundred rupees and for some arrack I will vote for any bandit
    I don’t mind if the streetlight s are lit in the day and at nights unlit
    I am true blooded Indian this I swear by my gods. Mind it!

    Thanks Govind, things I could not express outright
    You expressed, and to my post added fiery spice
    There were things I was not able to admit
    But you added and made it complete, Mind it

  3. i see that kid is becoming a regular here.
    guess he got addicted to your blog…

    Yeah, he’s started commenting. They used to read it and pass snide remarks earlier

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