The X and the Y matters

I think I really had it easy as a kid.  Was the first daughter after a long ffffffffreaking long run of male children and made much of.

Then I had two sons ….

Even the dogs I had were male …..

The cats I kept did not matter since they know they do not belong to Earth and are here on temporary visa anyway!  So they keep to themselves.

Well the scene sure has changed!

For such a long time in the house I was the only one with a Y chromosome (correction, the only one with a XX chromosome!  Thanks people)

Now I live in the house of estrogen.

Two sons and two dogs are male but they cant keep up with two women and one female dog!

Welcome to hormone nightmares!

I am menopausal and can be totally unreasonable

DIL is queen of drama, so she can out-do menopausal me any time.

So where does this all take us?  Straight into the “Ismey tragedy hai, Ismey no one understands me hai, Ismey I will not listen to logic hai, ismey nobody loves me hai, Ismey you better listen to me hai”

Yeah like I said – Even one of the dogs is female

Two men and two male dogs are no match for

Jeannie the “Oh look at me I am so pretty dog”

DIL the I know I am right even if (in rare cases) I am wrong …. and gawd help you when my PMS flares up


ME , the no one loves me appreciates me values me I wanna go back to the galaxy far far away that I belong to.

Pheww !!! This is why protein bars will never work in my home.  Chocolate is the only solution.  I am gonna buy sackfulls, the stock is low!


13 thoughts on “The X and the Y matters

  1. Hi Kid#1 Here
    My mom is the king of melodrama and if you know her then you would understand that she would take even that as a complement. So much so that I dont want to go and watch Bollywood movies cuse our house is allways like “Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Bumm”. Hence she likes to think that women or estrogen runs the show in the house with the two women and the female dog but actually the boys do.
    How ???

    Because women allways need the illusion of control but they never want any.

    So we men of the house actually run the show.
    Dont believe anything otherwise.

    Kid #1

    Hmmm, I think it should be Queen of Melodrama, but King will do too 😛

  2. Hehehehe I would pay good money to watch this movie, “Ismey tragedy hai, Ismey no one understands me hai…”

    Plus the kids’ insights make this even more better!
    Hail O Queen of Melodrama!

    Absolutely! I reign supreme here!

  3. Coming from a family of mostly girls to mostly boys, I’ve realised that menopausal, PMS or pregnant women create way better energy that most men can!

    Hmm I refuse to comment on grounds that it may incriminate me!

  4. Ritu, you are confusing even lord Brahma
    ‘Y’ chromosome is for dada and not mama
    lest you are a hermaphrodite a la hydra
    X&Y confused me even while I learnt algebra.

    You are so right brotha
    XnY is confusing baba
    Hormonal cocktails with a twist
    Add to make a confusing mix

  5. Nice post. You know,in my family, its the exact opposite. All women and my poor dad in minority. No wonder we grew up so bossy and dominating. And dad truly demonstrated that ‘if you cant beat ’em – join ’em’. Now my husband’s place is total testosterone. Enter moi…but not worry. It will soon resemble the home I grew up in!

    Way to go Sistah!

  6. I wanna go back to that far away galaxy I belong to too!!!! 😦 Ahhh well, it sure is easier to settle for chocolates! 🙂

    Yeah chocolates are for here and now! But I keep my eyes peeled for the spaceship I can board!

  7. Chocolate is one of the first things my husband learnt after our wedding to always keep stocked in the fridge.He’s the main chocolate supplier in the house 😛

    Smart man I tell you 🙂

    Smart guy! I am impressed!

  8. Absolutely! nothing like a nice fat Toblerone or a hot waffle topped with RICH cream. U go for it, Ritu. Nothing like a life lived to the fullest.

    Hot waffle topped with rich cream sounds divine!

  9. Did I read it right??? “For such a long time in the house I was the only one with a Y chromosome” 😯 😯 or you got the sex change later in life?? J/k is it a typo?

    Not a typo, an error!!! Groan, editing it now!

  10. Kid #1 you are brilliant. Just read your comment.
    Mom to Kid #1, you are brilliant too. You are the KING of melodrama and this bimari is highly infectious.

    ROFL Thanks Mampi

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