But I am going away Ma!

For the past almost two years Kid#1 has been one foot in Philllipines and one foot in home sweet home.  To me who has not been out of town for years on end it sounds exciting.

To him who hates Phillipino food, it sucks bigg time.  Apparently they add sugar to all the food.  Every thing tastes sweet, which is a big no no for a true blood Punjabi vampire

Okay – lets ammend that to True Blood Punjabi Carnivore

I almost said “I love you Sookie!” in a gravelly vampire tone, OMG I love that series

So we have one hyper Kid#1 in the home, who wants to eat

1. Aloo Meat

2. Poshto

3. Baghare Baingan

4. Aloo Matar Vadi

5. Atta Halwa

6. Poori Halwa

7. Biriyani

and other things made with love by Mom.  Standard refrain being “But I am going away Ma!”  It is completely immaterial that the trip will hardly last three months!

I am flattered!  I love the fact that my kid misses some stuff that I cook.

What escapes me is that Kid#2 has stopped going to college for the past couple of days “Because Bhai is going away Ma!”

Now that is what I call Chance Pey Dance Marna!

Editor’s note :

Since readers are wanting an update on what DIL is up to ….

Well, DIL is the first one to demand her choice of food … from both her Ma and her MIL, she makes hay – bigg time

As for cooking !

She set rice to cook in the rice cooker last night!

We got some characterless ricey melange today morning – it was not a particularly happy choice for breakfast – we all passed it 😆

Does anyone know some magic that can be done to overcooked rice?


16 thoughts on “But I am going away Ma!

  1. hmmm.. I like Kid2’s excuse, v valid.. has the DIL taken off from work too? 🙂 that would be fun n good hungama at home then.

    Nooo, they are into male bonding bigggg time. They wait until we females leave to have fun, both these brothers

  2. Kid 2 is a smart guy :), like me. Some people don’t even need reasons to holiday.

    But we did miss the catch up on DIL…
    And finally, do all sons luv “Ma-food”… i think i’m gonna write smthing on this myself.

    Waiting for your post

  3. Hmmm…there is something magical about moms cooking isn’t it? Mine is visiting me in less than a month and seeing Kid 1s wishlist, I am inspired 🙂

    Make your list

  4. I so know where Kid1 is coming from. Only on Sunday I moved back home after 2 and a half years. Monday at lunch I was teary eyed cause of the lunch ma had packed. Acchar was in double wrapped and there was a small evening snack as well.. sniff… Nothing like mom-made 🙂

    PS. Add a bit of ghee in the spoiled rice, salt and lal mirchi and use it as stuffing for parathas… Its yummylicious!

    Now that’s a good idea

  5. The list reminds me of the ones I made when I came home from the hostel-and Mom wud try n feed me like a camel-“till the next trip”

    I remember my brother calling me home-Didi ek mahine se chicken nahin bana

    For overcooked rice-u can steam it further to make Dhoklas

    Recipe please

  6. Since I get to visit Philippines I know
    that the Filipino food is a definite no-no
    au contraire mother’s cooking adds a glow
    but need to work out extra for the added kilo.

    But Kid 1 is a fitness fanatic
    Rich food he avoids it gives him acid

  7. Kid #1 Here
    Alright let me be the first one to say I did ask for those wonderful dishes to be cooked but before my mom goes and takes credit for cooking all of them let me just ask a question, Mom where did these dishes go???
    2. Poshto

    4. Aloo Matar Vadi

    5. Atta Halwa

    6. Poori Halwa

    7. Biriyani

    Cause I did not get to eat any of these. And mom you cant do any thing with overcooked rice which your lovely DIL cooked dont even try to talk me into it. It is a bad idea to let her do anything with food.

    Stop being a crybaby! You cook as good as me and for continental dishes, I simply bow to your expertise! When you come home, you’ll get all these and more

  8. LoL! Your Kid #1 sounds like me. And Kid #2 sounds like my lil brother. And excuse for a holiday. 😉

    And I don’t believe you can can do anything with overcooked rice.

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