Halp! My words come and bite me in the ….

My elder son has gone and I already feel the absence!

Yeah I know he’s just a phone call away …..   I also know that I have told him in all sorts of ways that he can leave and settle down anyplace in the world and its okay with me!  In fact I have told this to both the kids.  No I am not being a bitch – but I truly believe that parents have been successful if their kids learn to be completely self reliant.  I am not above throwing  a tantrum and telling them to get the F out of here, when I am being completely and unreasonably menopausal!

But see, I am on my knees apologising – that too publicly on my blog

Flashback to yesterday …..

I get home by 6 p.m. to find the maids in a tizzy.  Apparently the door that opens into the first floor of our home mysteriously got locked.  We have a fully functional apartment kind of set up on the first floor with two bedrooms, one living room, balcony etc.  The maids said they did not lock the dratted door.  The dogs cannot do it, and neither can the fishes.  We are the first occupants of this villa, so no irate ghost could be playing games…..


I cursed the damn maids, the damn door, the damn dogs etc and tried to open the door.  I tried about 2 dozen ( I am not exaggerating) 2 dozen keys, but could not open it.

Rang up Kid 2 who refused to pick up his effin cell!

Rang up Kid 1 in Phillipines in desperation!  He found things amusing (Damn Him).  Most likely he was thanking his stars that he is in Philly and does not have to be Alpha Male and set things right at home!

I got our resident electrician to climb the roof, jump into the balcony (it requires athletic prowess) and open the door.  Phew!  Once the door was unlocked I felt relieved.  The maids got busy with their cleaning and I wandered to the loo

Whadduknow!!!!!  The effin loo was locked! 

How does the same shit happen twice in the same day????

Got out that huge box of keys GROAN!  Started trying each and every one of ’em again DOUBLE GROAN  Made a mental note to separate the darn keys into bunches that made sense

Kid 1 rang up to ask “Did the upstairs get unlocked” and went hysterical when told about my loo

“Use the other loo Mom”

Me : “No thanks Kiddo!  I like to use my own loo”

Kid 2 still wasnt picking up the phone

DIL rang up – heard my predicament and was properly sympathetic (at first)

The lock magically opened – one key actually fit!  WOW!

DIL rang up again, got the update and then said in a sweetly bitchy tone :

“You keep telling us to go away and you wanna live alone dont you?!  See this is what will happen to you old woman!”

Ouch!  I hate eating crow!

Kid 1 I am sorry!  Dont mean half of what I say anyways.  So stop laughing and feeling smug.  Kid 2, if you dont pick up the phone, your cell will be confiscated, and DIL, I hate it when you are right, especially when you are at your bitchiest best and right!



15 thoughts on “Halp! My words come and bite me in the ….

  1. hyuk hyuk… :mrgreen:

    Sorry but I cant help it but laugh… I must show some compassion… but I have to laugh right now… lol … ROFL !!

    Yeah laugh away Hitchy! You young people are entitled to! 😀

  2. i am soooooo…… in love with this love hate thing with the DIL, its just too humorous. And well,the other thing about Mom’s livin alone… unnn hnnn naaah! not truly happily possible!! Watsay momma!!

    Yeah the love+hate thing with MILs and DILs is like tadka to tasty food! Has to be there. Yeah I am realizing that I am way to much of a nutcase to be left alone

  3. I can understand someone getting locked inside the loo. Getting locked outside the loo!!! Outrageous!!!

    BTW why do you need a effin lock on the effin loo?

    Sure as hell beats me!

  4. Awww you poor dear! Trust me, its got nothing to do with your elder son moving away. It was probably one of the maids who accidentally locked the upstairs and the loo! And you could have gone to the other loo you know. Its all your house. But secretly I know what you mean, I cannot… and I mean cannot use the other two loos in my house except the one next to my room. It’s a very silly issue but a issue nevertheless. But thanks for making me laugh out loud! Way to go!

    Has to be the maids! But twice???!! If Kid#1 was here, he would have got it done without my freaking out, hence I miss him

  5. OMG!!! I say “mera bad luck hi kharab tha so many times!” I don’t believe this! Well, maybe it’s a fairly common phrase!

    Possibly. I use it often too

  6. It’s sad, so sad
    It’s a sad, sad situation
    And it’s getting more and more absurd
    It’s sad, so sad
    Why can’t we talk it over
    Oh it seems to me
    That sorry seems to be the hardest word
    – Elton John

    Hehehe, nah, not for me. Any ego I had was knocked out of me first by life and its twists and turns, any remainder by my darling kids

  7. he he he he

    learned it the hard way but now I label all keys and keep them in a box

    Monika, I have them in a box, but gotta do the labeling bit

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