Khadda Bakheda Ho Gayo

I learnt this new phrase today!  My driver hails from Haryana or as they pronounce it Hari-yana.  He normally has cds of Aarati and Mahamrityunjaya playing in the morning when he ferries me to work.  I think he deems them suitable for females my age.

Today he had a rather naughty cd of Haryanavi songs playing.  I found them better than Om Jay Jagdish etc.  I know, I have bad Godless taste!  But the songs were too much!  You had one musical one about a youth lusting over his Chachi and serenading her with evil intent declared.  You had one about a saali trying to woo her Jija, and the Jija rejecting her and advising her to cool down.  The Jija exasperated sings in chorus …….. 


Must say I have started my day with a bang


On popular demand, I am attempting to translate the phrase :

Khada = Standing

Bakheda = Problem

Ho Gayo = Happened

So it would mean that a problem has arisen …..

Dammit the punch is missing!!!!  Lost in Translation I think


17 thoughts on “Khadda Bakheda Ho Gayo

  1. Lucky you! That must be some driver! Did you know they have a bhojpuri channel on TV now, it’s called TUN Bhojpuri! It has all the songs that your driver listens to and much more naughty videos! Have a look!

    I must watch the channel. I have utterly bad taste!

  2. Oh my!

    I can not imagine there are songs like this written and sung! And they have videos too on the Bhojpuri channel!

    I have never heard these. Actually, can anyone translate whats the post title… my hindi sucks!

    Edited the post and attempted to translate it – but the punch is missing …..

  3. Whew! Crazy ones….

    But these songs do reflect on a truly naughty side of civilisation and bare “basic instints” 😛

    Do let us know the Album name so we can get it, listen and have some more fun!

    @Other Commentors: Thanks for the hints to Bhojpuri channel, heheeee, although i might still not get over my Animal instincts (i keep watching Discovery & Animal Planet most of my leisure times) :O)

    Oh but I will! I do not have animal instincts, I have baser instincts 😉

  4. OMG! THat was hilarious! Love your honest disclosure of bad tastes. I bet you have loads of company in that (myself included, ofcourse 😉 ).

    LOL, I am glad to have the company of the interesting as opposed to the staid 😛

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