Mera award shaward



Snazzy aint it?  Thanks Pal


It gives me more sophistication than I have gathered in my half a century on the planet. 

On a baser note, I watched The Secret for the umpteenth time last night, trying to figure out how to manifest untold wealth, rubies and emeralds as large Cadbury Nutties and diamonds of the size of decent Ferroro Rochers.  The Secret, sad to say, escapes me.

So my status message henceforth shall be


I wanna manifest untold goodies, not to forget a Mercedes Benz S Class, a few crores of rupees, gizmos (not to forget a 50 inch plasma screen) so on and so forth.  Tell me how!

Dammit the Universe aint listening!!!!

Sigh, better do my duty towards the award

I henceforth pass it on to

The Walkerman : for doing the trudge which so impressed me.  I never thought he would manage to complete it

Taposh : for his thoughtful insights on the country and the world around us in cartoon form

Brainstuck : Check out his cartoons, they’re awesome

Kinnari Comics : Awesome artwork, updated each Thursday and is free!

After Pack Up : Movie gossip – Some of the sassy entries are written by me.  I know I know, shameless self plug, but could not resist! Gave ya links you did not have didnt I, so be happy!


9 thoughts on “Mera award shaward

  1. Hey, Thanks for the award, truly thrilled and honored. 🙂

    Btw, link 1 isn’t working and its Brainstuck, without the “r”. 😀

    Corrected the spelling, the link works!

  2. lol my dear phoenix – i didn’t think i would do it either , now did anyone else , everyone just pretended i would do it- including me-so i just started and it just happened.khada ho gaya aur chalta gaya par bagair bakhede ke pahunch gaya

    I’ll do it one day (on a golf cart or a stretcher) 😛

  3. Just came across your blog. Its completely original style of writing and very very entertaining.

    Gee Thanks!!!

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