Moonlings are petrified

(Thanks Taposh!)

Moonlings are petrified


Top Moon officials are running scared,

The President of the planet Moon

Called a High Alert meeting at noon

To tell the cabinet members “Beware”


These aliens are singing a dangerous tune

Once they called sweethearts fair as moon

Then they said they landed a man on our dune

But these Indians will now send a huge platoon


Of farmers, engineers, scientists and IT experts,

Of netas and godmen, tantrics and astrologers

Since ISRO, that nasty meddling egoistic brood

Found moon-water, and now wants to grow food


These aliens have a horrible track record

They messed their rivers, land they scarred

They killed their trees, air they soured

They’ll tear our tiny wee planet apart!


One cabinet minister, she was un-moonly

Was deep in thought as she interjected

Your Moon-ness, I think its way too early

To get alarmed, scared or feel dejected


Earthlings have in common one salient trait

They don’t take chances, love to delegate

Netas will not risk their precious lives

Without taking their godmen’s advise


Since all of their prominent astrological charts

With the reference of the moon’s position starts

Until they find another planet, and build their theory

Farming on the moon will just remain a likely story


12 thoughts on “Moonlings are petrified

  1. Hehehe! Nicely put Ritu!
    There’s this Calvin & Hobbes quote that I adore about intelligent life:

    “The only sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere is that none of it has tried to contact us.” -Calvin


    I know for sure I am ET, LOL

  2. Poor moonlings. May the moon Goddess bless them and take their worries away. Send Advitiya there in the next flight. 😛

    Advitiya check the property prices while you’re up there. We might as well as corner some great real estate at cheap prices.

  3. Ah said the moonlings I know these blue planet guys
    they are foolish but they think they’re wise
    they aiways mess up thinking they’re doing something nice
    in the name of comfort they have made earth’s temperature to rise
    now they are wondering what to do after their planet’s demise
    and are looking at places that will have at least a trace of ice.

    It is our species vice
    to try and alter all that’s nice
    to food we always add spice
    its natural for us and sadly, not wise

  4. 🙂 Ha ha

    How true, nothing is ever done without it being checked with real and imaginary planets and their possible and impossible locations!

    Yehi toh baat hai!

  5. I actually don’t think I’d mind living on the moon. Cheese, I’ll take some books, starry skies, and I think I’ll kidnap Johnny Depp 😀

    You do that, I’ll get Vin Diesel along 😉

  6. Advitiya, save me a corner house please, with a garden. And I’ll need a broadband and a fax line! Thanks! You’re the best! 😀

    Hahahaha, me too

  7. Nah, they need not be worried. We Indians would first fight over whether Shiv sena would go there or congress. and we would of course, miss the flight.

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