Karva Chowth at Phoenix House

I am very ambivalent about karva chowth and I wrote a post last year stating my reasons which readers found hilarious.  Well I am like that anyways …. 😆

My kids want to celebrate each and every festival with gusto, even the all female ones like karva chowth. I would doll up, do the mehendi, new dress and bangles and trinkets thingy, and then we would eat drink and be merry.  Now I have happily handed over baton to DIL

I’ve told DIL she has the option to do away with the fast if she wishes. Its cool with us …

Flashback two days ago ………………………..

Kid#2 : Mom are you gonna get mehendi and stuff done?

Me : Reclining on my bed with laptop : Nah, I have done away with peripherals

Kid#2 : Why????

Me ; Astonished at such a strong reaction : I never keep the fast anyway, and am not in the mood for dolling up

Kid#2 : Launching full blown drama : You never do anything, you are not fun anymore, festivals dont feel like festivals when Bhai isnt around ………………….

Me : ??????!!!!!!!???????

Then Godji sent inspiration (Thank you Godji Phewww!)

Me : Beta Bhabhi will do all that, its her time

DIL came home dancing : See my new suit that I bought for Karva Chowth! Isnt it pretty? Kid#2 you better be home on Karva Chowth eve since you gotta take me to get mehendi done

Kid#2 : Looking much happier : Jee Bhabhi, do you also want to go to the parlour? I am so glad someone is celebrating! (The last said snidely)

DIL : After consideration : Nah parlour will be too full, besides I’ll be working full day

Me : Heaving a quiet sigh of relief : Beta, tell me what you wanna eat for sargi, I’ll cook that.

Both of them seriously discussing possible options for the early morning sargi

I never knew handing over all the stuff was so liberating!!!!

She can do the mehendi and dress and fast if she so desires!



We had sargi together at 5 a.m. which I cooked early in the morning.  Kid#2’s craving for some festival celebration got satisfied, DIL and I left for work!  I think I narrowly escaped the dog house!!!


12 thoughts on “Karva Chowth at Phoenix House

  1. Lucky you got to get to work. Poor ol’ me is at home waiting for the madness to end!

    Like they say, grass is greener ……..

  2. I have now known you for long enough to rememeber how you celebrated Karvachauth last year!!!

    The SRK style fasting by both 🙂

    This is even funnier, have lots of fun, eat drink and make merry 🙂

    I think all festivals should be eat drink and be merry !

  3. lol…. I wonder how it feels to fast for someone else? I can never manage to fast for myself! I am a diehard foodie (and have the waistline to show for it 😉 ).

    Me too, Me three …. groan 😛

  4. And Mumbai was going crazy with mehendi walla’s on the Lokhandwala road creating designs on women’s hands till 3 am.

    But it sure must feel liberating to have “been there done that” & “now out of it”.


    Yeah, but maybe next year I get back into the mehandi and new clothes routine …..

  5. I almost decided to keep one, so I could get the day off from work. But then the ugly, dreaded monster of ‘ethics’ came up and I didn’t. 😦

    But you is certainly one cool mom-in-law. 🙂

    Awwww, ethics is a pretty uncomfortable thing

  6. ghee… i’d thought of keeping the fast but then decided not to… and ended up having a biggggg fight with hubby for some nonsense reason 😦 … what a ‘karva-choth’ !!

    A bigggggg fight was when I opted out of it ….

  7. That’s such a sweet household to have! Really, I love how the younger people want to celebrate festivals not out of complusion but out of choice. And that makes them so much more fun as well!

    Yeah, its not a ritualized chore, so it becomes so much fun!

  8. Hahahahaha!! Awesome!! 😀 A nice, subtle way to get your DIL roped into the entire thing 😀

    Happened Nova, I am all for not keeping the fast …., but dolling up for the fun of it

  9. Festivals are great, I sympathize with kid 2. Good to know the baton is being passed on.

    By the way the link to your other blog post seems broken or it is just me??

    The link works for me …

  10. I can never do this fasting stuff unless someone lets me sleep or simply lay down unmoving somewhere while fasting. OMG the mere thought makes me hungry. But of course I can fast(read refuse food grandly) when I am miffed! 😉 😆

    Hahahaha, I like that!

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