The Classic Diwali Syndrome

(I think this describes the situation in most households around Diwali/Pooja/Christmas etc. ….)

Early morning Lady of the House picks up the newspaper, discards everything apart from the pages advertising Sales, Schemes etc etc and either gets on the phone with her friends or starts planning the route to be taken with her sister/daughter etc.

Man of the house comes into the room, blearily picks up the remainder of the newspaper and his tea and tries to join in the conversation ….

M.O.H. : So what are you planning to buy today?

L.O.H. : Just some diwali things, you know, candles and toran …

M.O.H. : (Trying to be helpful) I’ll ring up Rakesh Seth and he will send them over

L.O.H. : Looking balefully : Naah, I promised (insert saheli’s name) that we would go together.

M.O.H. : Oh I see

L.O.H. : In a tone as sweet as honey : You dont mind do you? I packed your lunch, and we will order something in the night if I am late

M.O.H. : Knowing not to open his mouth to wonder why candles and toran will take the whole day : Its okay dear ……

Its the time women rule. We shop, we bargain, we hunt for deals, and fall prey to all the buy this and get that cheaper schemes

I’ve also noticed one thing …

If we live in North Delhi – we want stuff from South Delhi or Noida or Gurgaon

Somehow the malls and the deals on the other side of town seem so much more alluring.

I love to shop at Gurgaon or Delhi – I think the petrol I burn adds to the fun of shopping

Noida will do too – but definite not my town

Even though in these days of Malls, everything is available in each and every mall, all the brands, all the schemes.

Dont ask a female to explain. It is just the way it is

Then we come back home laden with goods. We go with lists of course, and come back with everything not on the dratted list.

In the evening the men of the house dutifully help us unload the packages from the car, while we come home happy and tired after blowing up far more money than we ought to, happy to share all the details of the fantastic deals and the money we saved on our spree

M.O.H. : Oh did you get the candles and toran

W.O.H. : (Without batting an eyelid!) Naaah, we’re going for that tommorow ….



18 thoughts on “The Classic Diwali Syndrome

  1. Ritu,
    Following your blog for sometime – the humor is super! And you are so right – women will shop anytime / all times/ festivities or none:-)) We are wired that way aren’t we;-)

    Thanks Minal. Yeah, its such fun!!!

  2. So true, this! Though in our house the spouse goes nuts buying Diwali stuff. Wishing you all a very happy Diwali, Ritu and family.

    Thanks Dipali, and same to you. BTW I commend your spouse for being the metrosexual shopaholic man

  3. LOL this is sooo true…

    btw I cant bargain for nuts and shop only when i need something…

    Wish u and ur family a very happy and a prosperous diwali.

    That is sane, but all of us arent like that …..

  4. I am bad at bargaining, but deals are welcome! All I like to buy is stuff for the kitchen, so dhanteras is fav shopping day πŸ™‚

    Yeah! Me too, I have to be shackled, manacled, thrown in the dungeon for restraint

  5. Happy Diwali, sweetheart! May the Neele-Chatri-Waalah proffer a zillion blessings upon your wretched, wonderful soul… πŸ™‚

    Awwww, I simply love the “wretched wonderful soul” bit. Thanks and zillions back to you this Diwali sweetheart!

  6. I am in Bangalore-and I absolutely need to get my stuff from Sarojini Nagar/Lajpath Nagar-it’s so much more economical that way!

    Wow! Now that is something πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

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