Once upon a Time ……

There was this young girl, skinny as hell, walking around with a permanent cold (sickly actually), an introvert who preferred reading books to interacting with boys who tried to feel up more endowed girls other social creatures.

The girl then discovered food, and started getting comfortable with food and herself ….

and more comfortable …….

And more comfortable

And now the girl has morphed into me …..  It first started with a bit of a bulge, which I dismissed as aftermath of second pregnancy

Then thighs started thickening, so I switched over to salwar kameezes while battling for a divorce, thinking it was stress and would go away ……

And then I hated the idea of started to get into the huff and puff mode!  I mean who needs that in a full day of work, meals, kids homeworks, shopping for groceries and battling lawyers, mother and all that life effin throws up.

Then came son’s wedding and two major surgeries in two years! 

By that time I had got blase’.  I convinced myself that my self worth was not based on my waist size, and since I had managed to remain reasonably healthy, no diabetes, blood pressure and ticker going strong, it did not matter.  I was not here competing with Priyanka Chopra’s figure hai na?  Besides a slim svelte figure is such a superficial thing ……..  I am more cerebral

It all fizzled out when I spent a sleepless night battling acidity and saw myself in the bathroom mirror next morning.  I looked like Bellatrix Lestrange on a bad day ballooned into a watermelon



But that did not phase me out.  What did was the sleepless night!  Told ya, I am wayy more cerebral than your average person who values good looks and health       😛

So ladies and gentlemen I have started cooking healthy, feeding my family more innovative and light meals. 

I have also started trying to run – it converts into a trot – pant – groan – pant – walk as of now.  Never mind WE SHALL OVERCOME

…………………………………………………………………………… ………….SOME DAY

DIL tells me that I should bow in front of her, since it is she who pointed out how unhealthy my cooking was.  Madam, here you are, this is all the bow you shall get BOW WOW!

Kid #2 has started looking slim, instead of Laddu from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam.  I foresee a bevy of hotties around him in a short while

As far as I am concerned, well I am much too old a sinner for fat cells to give up easily.  They cling, and rebel even though I am huffin and puffin and the friction of my thighs against each other could start a bonfire.

I may not climb the Everest or date a Sherpa …..

I may not win the Olympic Medal and kiss Obama while he gives it to me …… sigh! drool!!!

But dammit, I do get a night’s undisturbed sleep

That is reward enough!


20 thoughts on “Once upon a Time ……

  1. Cooking can never be unhealthy. Lol. No honestly. It’s our digestive systems that have become unhealthy.
    BTW, I tried lessening tomatoes in the tarkas to lessen acidity and it worked. 😉 Try it.
    Walking is good too. Let’s see how long you keep it up! 10 to 1 say’s you’ll quit in less than ten days, Heeheehee!

    I would, I would but my kids are deriving evil pleasure by pushing me out of the house in walking shoes …

  2. That would be super cool a cerebral you with a figure to run for err.. yes thats it!!

    LOL! It would be pretty sad if I still remained matronly hai na?

  3. We definitely shall overcome… !!! 😛 😛

    I know but now Shree Butter Chicken and Senorita Pizza haunt me and the love of my life, Mr. Hazelnut Chocolate cant seem to understand why I ditched him. He drops by too😦

  4. I need to lose weight… that too 10 kgs in a month. Someone please tell me a way! 😦

    Ditch the carbs and the sugar, life will be drab and dull, but you will lose

  5. Aathira, get one of those new “Liar Liar weighing machines” on Ebay and lose as much as you’d like. 😀

    Sheer genius! Much better option ….. LOL

  6. Losing weight is becoming a national agenda now with so many of us on this mission im-possible. Enjoyable post.

    National agenda is cooking and eating rich food. Losing wt is the alternate lifestyle. Sigh! Mainstream is way easier

  7. Oh my god! It has happened! We’ve lost you to the dark side! Sniff… walking? healthy food? Hey bhagwan yeh sunne se pehle mujhe utha kyon nahi liya!!??? (Bhagwan: Pagal hai kya! Crane is outta service already!)
    Heh heh… god has a weird sense of humour

    I love my sleep Advitiya and Godji took that away for one whole night! It was a wake up call!

  8. Hey I use all the same excuses…work, family, kids, responsibilities..who want’s to be Priyanka….I need to walk tooooo..

    Please update on how it is going.

    Yeah I will

  9. Vanakam sister,

    I am thinking that idli would be part of the best solution… it brings much healthiness (being of steamed variety) and can be eaten with anywhichthing (including kokonut chutney), ji.

    I am going the soup and salad way right now, but dont know how long that will last 😦

  10. Healthy and wholesome is my choice of food too 🙂 Keep it up!! Good health is all that matters… weight I feel should be enough to keep us wanting to exercise !

    Yeah, repentance and sainthood beckons me 😛

  11. Advitiya you’re funny. Show some humour on your own blog too please. I miss reading your posts.

    I’m not fat am I? I don’t need to walk… 😉

    Naah Ramit … Advitiya has discovered philosphy on her blog. We lost her :(((((

  12. i suppose theres no way to do this without skipping the carbs and sugar?
    sigh. sorry. i think my weight is here to stay then.

    MM you are slim! If I had your figure this blog post would not have happened

  13. Hi,

    Could not help commenting. I shared the same feelings that you went through. I console myself it does not matter now, at 60.

    I would like to wish you all the best.

    Jaylakshmi, thanks for delurking. I have been able to tighten my belt a notch in the past week or so. Am so thrilled.

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