Guest Post by Piper, the toffee colored Dacshund

Address : The Phoenix House

N.C.R., India

DIL and doggies






Yes that is me, with MY LITTLE MOM, as opposed to the old woman who does not allow me to kiss her face, The Big Fat Momma, and the other dude’s  my foster brother Baron. 

We’re named after airplanes since Kid#1 is airplane crazy.

So let’s get back to it.  We are all Germans, I am a Dacshund and my foster siblings are German Shephards.  We are classy like that …

Schadenfraude is a German word which means finding humor in other people’s misfortune.  I find the term extremely ironic considering its the British who are experts at leg pulling, not the Germans, but that was not the subject of this blog post.

A current example of schadenfraude is the news item I heard the old batshit lady, The Big Fat Momma read out aloud today about a $15K home horror flick that made $60m, freaking the shit out of guys in Hollywood!  They got their trick or treat alright.  The rest of us, specially Bigger Mom got Schadenfraude!  She laughed her head off!  Yeah, if she was not human I’d have called her a fat cat!  Spiteful she is …..

Now I am a handsome dacshund, not a baby but I love Little Mom and let her carry me around – I am generous like that. 

I even allow my younger foster brother, the hulk you see in the picture above  eat my food … after I am done with it.  What did you think? I am no pushover, we Germans have a reputation to maintain.

He is my schadenfraude

When he came he was like this.  Yeah that was last Christmas ….



Yeah, I bullied him mercilessly ……….

Now he freaks me out, the hulk !!!

But I dont let him know that and growl at him every time I can and the fat batshit lady isnt around …….

He does not know his size yet.  When he does, he will realize he got bullied by the tiny me

Hyuck Hyuck

He’ll need some expensive therapy then ….

So I’ll be generous and let him eat my left overs now

So Long!!!!!



10 thoughts on “Schadenfraude

  1. Put ’em up Piper, ya lil runt! U aint getting away talking about the BFM like that… and the fact that all of what u say may be true dont cut u any slack either!

    P.S. – I bet if u asked all nice and polite-like, the BFM wud even condescend to u frenching her, u no-good german ingrate!

    LOL the little runt is a handful. He terrifies the odd visitor we have and bullies the German Shephard too. Besides he hardly acknowledges us if DIL is around …..

  2. Whos’ the batshit lady? Samajh nai aaya. Sorry. 🙂

    Look what the runt has done 😛
    He called me names like batshit lady when I wasnt around and that too on my blog 😛

  3. Awwww! Cute! I love dogs. And Piper is a regular ‘chow chweet’! Did you know, according to P.G.Wodehouse, Dacshunds are dogs with a sense of humour. One must never let a Dacshund know that one finds them funny. They’ll be insufferable after that. Always trying to make you laugh! :)))

    LOL, now that is interesting ….. ours hates the human race apart from some chosen few he bestows his favors to

  4. Awwwww…. cute cute cute!! Ritu, now that he has written one blog you watch out!! He is going to get hungry for more blogspace and more ‘cute’ comments. And where will the Batshit lady be then?? 😉 😛 :))))

    Yeah! Or maybe his hulky siblings will …..

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