Some faltu ka melodrama

You know the classic melodramatic dialogue one came upon in our Hindi cinema …. during the sixties and seventies

Hai Rabba/Hey Prabhu (pause for effect) isko dekhne se pehley meri aankehn band kyon nahin huien

Or the other alternative

Hey Ram, mujhey is ko dekhne se pehley kyun nahin utha liya

Here is a list of things that would make me say that

1. Amitabh Bacchan as Genie in Aladin

Why dudes, why???  The fake beard is horrible!   I love to believe in myths and this movie seriously makes it difficult to.  It is such a conviction-less, horrible insipid movie.  Abhi toh summer vacation bhi nahin hai …….

2. Rakhi Sawant in any avataar

I dont care if its her swayamvar or she is baby sitting some cranky little tyke.  This female is toxic, and I dont wanna see her.  Did you see the sleazy photos verging on soft porn of her’s (of course she will say look alike) doing the rounds?

3. Yet another tirade by Behn Mayawati

Not interested, dont care …. Next please

4. Yet another interview of Lalooji

Get someone else, dudes.  Even India TV is showing some innovativeness now.  The lines are old and so is the guy now …..

5. Another doomsday prediction about 2012

We’ll die when we have to, or when the dharti maata splits into two and takes us into her bosom.  Why freak un-necessarily?  While on the topic, will someone loan me a crore or two, to be returned in 2014 if the earth is still spinning on its axis 😛

6. Yet another swine flu statistics

They’ve started boring me to death – without even giving me the swine flu

7. Another Munna Bhai kind of act by Sunjay Dutt

Enough already.  It was a hit, we enjoyed it …. Now you dont look hunky but chunky.  Lets give it a rest for a while shall we?

8. Another young skinny boy wearing his jeans low

Dont wanna see butt cracks.  Never wanted to and thankfully the fashion has come and gone.  Update your skinny pimply self please

9.  Priety Zinta playing item girl

Seriously lady, this is not happening!  Dont tell me you’re out of work!

10. Yet another lame ass colleague telling me how sasta things were about five years ago

I know, I know.  It pinches me too.  Dont rub it in please.  Ask boss to give us all a raise.  Do something about it.  You’ll be doing all of us a favor and will go to heaven instead of dharti mata ki godh mein in 2012

11. And lastly people who bitch about young people these days … you know the standard “Kya Zamana Aa Gaya Hai”

If I hear one more word about it, Gosh, I’m coming to your side of the town/road/parking lot ….. in my car, and I’m an awful driver, so be warned!  Times have to change and the change in youth morals is the life blood of all gossip sessions.  Agar yeh log kartab nahin karengey, where will we get our entertainment from?




14 thoughts on “Some faltu ka melodrama

  1. OMG, hilarious! I was bored the other day, and was thinking of watching Aladin, but I am glad I did not!

    When BigB can become a cockerel of an old man in Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, practically an item man to pass the time, playing the genie is quite okay.

    It’s a well-known fact that Preity is out of work. All the cute and chirpy roles have gone to Katrina Kaif, what to do? But trying to be sexy is not a very good idea.

    I know, that movie put me off completely. Poor Priety, I like her and the dimples. It was sad to see her doing an item no.

  2. Good list! btw correction. Amitabh played Genie not Aladdin. But never mind, that’s just even worse 😛

    I was in luuuuuurve with Amitabh through my giddy teens. Drooled over him actually. I hate what he is doing now. The damn getup really brain-fucked me! Ya I know he’s genie …. just vented on that and did not type it right ….

  3. Seriously about Aladin… when the movie ended and the director’s name came.. Sujoy something.. I was the guy crazy.. I would hide myself somewhere 100 meters below the ground if I made such a movie…

    horrible make up.. hopelessly studded with songs.. where as he could have made it so much fun for kids with magic tricks etc… sigh…

    Lol at Mayawati, Laloo and India TV !!!!

    I am deeply in touch with the infant in me. This darn movie made it hard …. inane is the word for it.

    BMW aka Behn Maya Wati is the pits and I actually watch India TV for some serious entertainment 😆

  4. Hehehe… someone got up on the wrong side of the bed this mornin! 🙂

    You tell me! Was doing my stretches with dhin chak Hindi music channels and had to suffer the Aladin song twice! Gaah! I could even survive Tha Tha Karkey from Golmal Returns but not this one

  5. Dude Amithabh Bachan is too Fugly to be a good Jeanie. Even here in Philippines people hated the movie. The blue jeanie from disney is better.

    Amitabh Bacchan is not Fugly … cmon Kiddo! He was my teenage crush!!!!! Agreed he’s gone a bit wierd with age ,,, but not Fugly 😦

  6. 10 and 11 I feel particularly strongly about. All this talk of how bad this generation is and also how bad these times are, how the culture is going down and costs are going up irritates me.

    Me too. The young are so vibrant! They’re fun. Besides lets face it, costs are gonna go up, and culture is something that keeps changing

  7. I’d give you anything to explain the last point to my parents! 😦

    I am sure they do, just put forth your opinion in a non-combative way

  8. Well put Ritu! 🙂 I especially go for the last two points. OMG it irritates me no end when people go on about today’s generation!!

    You know what – when someone does that, I feel that person has stopped evolving and has become old! Its a sign of giving up – living and being youthful is all about adaptability and evolving

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