Please give me your valuable advise

Inspired by IHM , this blog entry is done in poll fashion

Go polldaddy go!

Well a friend that I had done some work for (ahem, turn up nose and look pompous) in my customary efficient fashion came up with a proposal

Ritu, he said, Why dont we sell the banner space and the side widget of your blog to people who want to advertise there!

I was like … My blog!?  Its a personal blog and I never make any money from it.  My adsense account has 9 measly dollars for over a year’s blogging?!

But being dumbstruck the canny businesswoman I am I just said – Tell me more

So guys, what do you think?

Aww c’mon guys.  That poll was way to brief to give a sense of satisfaction.  So here we go again!


14 thoughts on “Please give me your valuable advise

  1. voted and clicked tooo !!!!!!! 😉

    i myself infact reached dollar 1 of earnings after 2 weeks in Adsense… !! unfortunately WP doesnt allow ad’s so I cant put them on my main blog… !!!!

    I am all for money honey !! 😀

  2. Voted. I have ads in my page, put there by the person who helped me set it up. But my senior son wants me to scrap it. Truly speaking I don’t like it either.

  3. I have a lot of opinions on this (work in that industry after all). But in my honest opinion (non-sales pitch opinion) it is a good way to get some money, but watch for the type of banners you want and the amount of space you give them so that they don’t take over your entire or prime blogging space and they go with the vibe of your blog. Also put a constraint on the size (weight) and kind (image/flash/video) of ads you want to show so that your page does not too heavy that it takes forever to load. Sometimes ads do turn people off sites because of the nature of them.

    BTW you have an awesome blog, have loved reading it for a while. I would have been ecstatic if I had even a quarter of you wit .

  4. Here’s an idea. I get 25%, Advitiya gets 25% and we support you whole heartedly in monetizing your blog. Plus we get invites to each party you host when you become the world’s richest and greatest blogger. Throw in some of your famous rajma chawal and you got a deal!

  5. Voted. So long as it doesn’t cramp your style.

    Did they offer to buy the space ‘above the fold’? I am told that’s the part of the page we see before we scroll down.

    The only time I paid any attention to any ads was during the elections 😉 Thankfully that face has disappeared for good he he 🙂

  6. Monetising is a good idea but the current ad revenue model for Google adsense is too much in favor of advertisers. They get the space free! Go for any offer….and yes, let us also know what offers you get! Congrats on being interviewed on Webneetech btw!

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