I got interviewed

I was contacted by Webneetech for an interview some time ago.  I quickly typed my replies and mailed them and forgot all about it.

Just found out from a comment by Gopinath Mavinkurve  that it got published!!  Thanks Dude, or I would have missed my own party!

Here is the link

Ritu Lalit is on her way for weaving web

Not quite Page 3 …. but will do nicely Thank You


16 thoughts on “I got interviewed

  1. Congrats Ritu.. “Be true to yourself and the purpose you’ve set your blog up for. Readers can sense a fake or a “wannabe” a mile away.”

    – Ritu Lalit ”

    Perfectly said..

    Thanks Nimmy

  2. Congratulations on the interview it is a great feeling as I was interviewed in Wordslaves Mag in October. Great interview I enjoyed the Q&A. Your site has been a joy to follow, keep up the good work.


    A.J., give me a link. Would love to read yours

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