College Reunion, A 55er

55 word

Ignoring her, they gathered in a corner sipping their chai, envy making them bond in bitchiness. Desperately they hunted for flaws in her life. Why did she have everything, rich husband, young lover, and perfect kids? How did she manage to remain slim and wrinkle free?

How dare she highlight their flaws by showing up?


12 thoughts on “College Reunion, A 55er

  1. She had everything because she was bithcy! 😀 Slim & wrinke free? Wow, yeah I wanna know that too. Especially the slim part.

    Jokes apart, well written.

    Thanks Ramit! I was watching Diane Keaton’s “Because I said so” and this idea came

  2. “How dare she highlight their flaws by showing up?” 😆 😆 Too good!

    He He He, if someone THAT PERFECT showed up at our re-union, we would not even say Hi!

  3. This really does happen! Even though there are understandable reasons – it’s unfair to all concerned.

    All the blame goes to our obsession with looking a certain way…

    Aha IHM, but it is so human! I love reactions like this one!

  4. and Ritu u know Ihave a frnd who really luks like dat.. i hate her…mayb deep within she is unhappy?

    I sure hope she is, I sincerely truely wish she is 😆

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