Of Bimbo bashing and other sports




Do you know what Bimbo means?

Here is what the dictionary has to say

bimbo |?bimb?| (also bimbette |bim?bet|)
noun ( pl. -bos) informal
an attractive but empty-headed young woman, esp. one perceived as a willing sex object.
ORIGIN early 20th cent. (originally in the sense [fellow, man] ): from Italian, literally ‘little child.’

So it follows that she (the bimbo) has to be pretty, kinda dumb, loves sex, is childish and so can be put down ……

Given that the world is an increasingly rough place to survive in, I doubt if a bimbo (in its pure form) exists – apart from in the mind of men (where a lot of other mythical creatures like adult women with Barbie like physical attributes/hostel full of lesbian women who are willing to enact H.L.A. action for their viewing pleasure/women who cook like Mommy and are willing to marry them/female bosses who are willing to trade promotions for sexual favours etc etc exist)

So what does the media and other platforms do?  They get us to make fun of sexy women so as to diminish them in our eyes, and make us trivialize our cerebral powers too.

And dammit we fall for it each and every time ….

Mallika Sherawat


Name: Reema Lamba

Image : Hot and sexy (with no reference to brain power).  Actually studied in prestigious DPS Mathura Road, and has a degree in Indian Philosophy from Miranda House, Delhi University.

Do you know what the cut-off for North Campus and especially Miranda House is????

Further consider this – she was married, divorced and then came into movies or rather started as an item girl and model.  Did some hit movies, some flops, worked with Jackie Chan, Abhishek Bacchhan, is currently working in a Hollywood movie.  She is one of the highest paid item girls, charging 1.5 crore for one song!  Bimbo???  I think not!  She fooled us with her well maintained bust line!

We make the same mistake with other women, you know.  Think Monika Lewinsky, Pamela Bordes, Helen (dancer of yester years) ….

We get dazzled by the cover, the well packaged exterior and wanna pretend that the ladies slept their way to the top.  Admitted that it may have had a certain role to play

But that is not all

These women have street smarts and more than their share of grey cells, and use them without hesitation

I recently met Ms. Lamba’s ex hubby and started reading up on her …

What ?  She a bimbo? Naah, though she sure as hell packaged herself as one to get to where she is ..

No one’s gonna pay me 1.5 crores for a song dammit!

43 thoughts on “Of Bimbo bashing and other sports

  1. Never thought of it that way. Trust you to think of everything! Everything!

    Thanks Ramit! But heyyy I dont CANT think of everything!!!

  2. Awesome post…

    But you know it doesn’t matter if they exist in the pure form or not….

    You knw the way I believe god exists and feel safe about it….
    Guys can believe Bimbo’s exist and feel happy that they might actually get one…one day 😛

    Ahhh Prats, such a feel good myth!

  3. Good post. I personally like Mallika Sherawat. I find she talks intelligently. She has understood the pulse of the market and is capitalising on her assets. I would say she is a good entrepreneur! I remember an interview she did for Vir Sanghvi in which she said that this is the age of instant gratification. And sex sells. So what she’s doing is really a well thought out and clever marketing strategy. If you notice, she otherwise keeps her private life private. Unlike some of the blue blood of Indian cinema.

    Yeah! Shrewd business mind this woman has ….

  4. I like Mallika.. one of the reasons is i guess I dont read gossip columns !

    recently my wife was telling me something about deepika from cine blitz and I said stop it.. ! I simply like her and I dont want to develop a prejudice towards her so I dont want to read what others say about her nor do I want to know what she says !!!!! 😛 😛


    Mallika is one smart girl 🙂

    That’s wise you know. Yeah, smart woman this lady is

  5. An interesting take on Bimbos!! I agree with you that these girls are not as stupid as they are made out to be!!

    Dumb dolls dont reach where these women have. It requires intelligence, boldness and chutzpah along with face and figure to get there ….

  6. brilliant post… i dont like mallika but the reasons for that are different and ur reasoning have surely given it a new twist

    kudos to the new age bimbo?? 🙂

    Bimbos are dumb, this one is smarter than the average woman

  7. “She sure as hell packaged herself as one (bimbo) to get to where she is …” Good for her!! Good for her that there were those who fell for the packaging and she got where she wanted to!
    One helluva blog Ritu! 🙂

    Thanks Shail. Just got curious what sort of woman walks out on a pilot (her ex) and he stays single … and this is what I found

  8. Starting off with Bimbos you have actually provided a very good insight, the Bimbos with their bust lines, have been fooling the guys with brains for ages…

    😆 Now this comment is kickass!

  9. shes an Indian bimbo so shes intelligent! woe is the day wen degrees matter squat in front of looks…woe is the day…when skin color n bra size get to admiring glasses…
    i had no idea about this aspect of her…shes…verrry intelligent.made the most of the indian populations mentality instead of whining [woe is…] about it…

  10. Interesting one !!
    1.5 crores for a song !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *swooon* ……… thud !!

    btw would the ladies on the side ad panel fall under the bimbo category?
    I see some ladies under the banner “mate1 find someone today; find sexy locals”

    LOL, I dont know!

  11. The bimbos are the idiots who pay so much money to go watch her dance and then come out thinking that SHE is an idiot and they got the better deal!

    Hehehehe Another kickass comment!

  12. Insightful post Ritu. Never gave this much thought till now, though I always wonder why is it okay to use one of our assets like Brains (god gifted) but not other – like Beauty (again god gifted).

    I know! And why do people think that its only allowed by Godji to have one and not both? Like if you’re pretty you gotta be dumb and vice versa?

  13. Indian Home Maker has a point. I’m wondering too. Why is that?

    Parental control, I think! Some hassled Dad must have decreed that his lovely daughter should be concentrating on studies and not fashion! Yeah that must be it!

  14. street smarts r …awesome n all…
    but for a geek like me, its v.frustrating to see how little ppl value education. i have NO street smarts. im simple, honest and have no major vices! I can talk about everything under the sun [including dirty stuff], but thats boring…
    and im no slouch in the looks department but apparently my brains r a turn off! the only one they turn on is my bf!
    can u please explain this to me cos , well im seriously confused n frustrated. and yes im pretty young so experience will be deeply appreciated 😦

    Check your mail box for my reply

  15. Everything that we read in popular media and how women are portrayed makes us believe that you have to be dumb if you are beautiful. For me this thought gets compounded by all the pageant ‘Beauty with brains’ line that is thrown at us. The more the line comes up with size 0 gorgeous women sashaying down the runway and responding to Mother Teresa as their role model the more I say to myself, ’she has no brains, or she would have come up with a better answer’.
    On an intellectual level I know that they have to be super smart to be at the popularity level they are at..and to constantly stay in the limelight..and I have studied with a lot of beautiful women to know that they are really smart..but when it comes to judgment time the jealous (why could I not be that beautiful..or have that body..or some such thing) and preprogrammed to criticize mind takes over..and these women become Bimbos

    We diminish them to feel superior – which is exactly what I wanted to say.

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  17. Superb Article. Indeed makes a whole lot of sense to package oneself in an intelligent manner. More power to your pen and more broader horizon to your perspective – 360 degree vision I mean.

    Thanks Neeraj, and thanks for visiting my blog

  18. That was an EXCELLENT post, Ritu. Marvellous. People like Mallika, Shilpa Shetty, etc. have giggled their way to success, while all the while, they have had a good laugh at everyone else!

    Yeah!!!! Awesome women aren’t they!

  19. “So it follows that she (the bimbo) has to be pretty, kinda dumb, loves sex, is childish and so can be put down ……”

    Lolz…. love it ;D
    Very Interesting post… had never thought about it this way before. (Gheee…does that make me sound like a ‘Bimbo’?? :O )

    LOL Purvi!

  20. Wow, what a wonderful way to think…And what a juicy bit of information on Mallika Sherawat. Now that is a hell of a good package!
    No bimbo there…
    loved it, Ritu.

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  24. You opened my myopic eyes a lot wider (not that it made any difference to my immediate vision)! But, honestly, I’ll be more respectful next time I come across such ‘packages’.

  25. I really like the fresh perpective you did on the issue. Really was not expecting that when I started off studying. Your concepts were simple to comprehend that I wondered why I never looked at it before. Glad to know that there’s an individual out there that definitely understands what he’s discussing. Great job

    • Absolutely Rickie … but apart from the (I suspect) surgically enhanced breasts do men see anything else in her?

      • I think the biggest misstep that ‘bimbos’ and ‘himbos’ (when has anyone taken John Abraham seriously, even though he has produced some cutting edge films) take, even when they are talking sense otherwise, is when they start tooting their horn in the middle of a serious topic. There is a time and place for self promotion – they can’t seem to sort that out wisely.

        Like in the Mallika conversation, I didn’t think she was talking nonsense about the status of women etc. But WHY would she start equating everything with her own story? It just confounded me! When folks do that, it becomes a question of crass vs. class. The main message gets lost in their desire to just make it all about me, me, me. “I am the first person in Hindi films to wear a bikini”. Well, if the point she was trying to make was about female emancipation, it totally got lost in the fact that she WASN’T the first person in films to wear a bikini!

        So then, one starts to think that there really isn’t much going on that brain, so I might as well just stare at the boobs. They do look awesome.

      • Yes, that is true … and honestly she comes from a pretty liberal (as per Haryana standards) family. She is well educated, but then that desire to “make it all about me” is so powerful isn’t it? HIMBO … new concept learnt today

  26. OMG trust you to come up with something like this!!

    I seriously did not think about it like this at all….. and a whopping 1.5 crores for one song… now that something…


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