I got cross posted

First my bimbo post got selected by blogadda as Saturday Spicy Pick.  Funny, I didn’t think it was that spicy.  I could tell you tales that would set the blogosphere on fire though!  However, age HAS caught up with me, and I am fairly circumspect now!  So I shall desist! 

Besides, I want U rating and I want the baccha log to read my posts too 😛

No dont tempt me to set my blog aflame 😛  😛

Tikuli is an old friend and she has started an interesting exercise.  She is putting up her favorite blog posts from various bloggers on her blog.

She started with me.  Do check out

The post Tikuli selected for cross posting


7 thoughts on “I got cross posted

  1. I speak for Advitiya and myself, we would love to see your blog aflame! 😀 Right Adi? 😛

    Hmm! Maybe I should start a Savita Bhabhi kind of blog for adult viewing 😛

  2. You write posts that I admire,
    most of them bite like a vampire,
    redeem the hypocrites from the mire,
    by setting the blogsphere afire.

    Vampires live on blood, I on words
    But my words can make blood boil
    So shall be wise and not absurd
    Now arent I a wise and smart goil???

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