My kids talk to me …. Halp!!!!


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You know what I hate about new age parenting?  The fact that there are so many rules that are diametrically opposed to how we were brought up!

Humarey Zamaaney Mein : Part One

Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child

Aaj Kal : We hear of the new fangled thing called child abuse

Humaarey Zamaaney Mein : Part Two

Children are simply to be seen, not heard

Aaj Kal : Parenting is all about keeping the communication lines open all the time.  Psychologists tell us it is good and rewarding.  We are to listen to our kids  attentively, participate in their lives



What about the many years of “our lives” that we put on hold when they were kids and ran after them, picked after them and cooked stuff they wanted to eat?

What about how much the middle aged body and mind can take?

Picture this :

You put a load of laundry in the washing machine, brew a nice cup of tea and pick up the newspaper and settle into your warm quilt.  It is a utopia moment …..

Kid#2 : Mom, is Bhabhi around

Me : No, I guess she is upstairs

Kid#2 : Well, I was thinking yada yada yada

Me : Looking at the newspaper regretfully and trying to mentally console myself with a never mind, knowing said newspaper is going to go unread into kabadi ……. or I will have to wake up late in the night to read old news without the supplements and comics that I love – which the kids have already taken into their own rooms or to college/work


Or this scenario

Me, hastily cooking and laying the table, thinking of going online asap once dinner is over

Well the Kid has had a tiff with girl friend and wants to do detailed self analysis with all the “I have feelings of inadequacy and no one understands me” emotions of teenage with angst galore

or Scenario No. 2

DIL has to tell me all about quirks of her co-workers that she finds annoying.  I send an email and get chided because “You are not listening properly”.  So I settle down to “listen properly”, and after 5 minutes add my comment to what she said about a co-worker.

She stops me with a “Dont take it the wrong way, but I dont want you to say anything – not that I dont value your inputs”.

Me : You mean you want to be heard with no comments?  So you better talk to a wall then!?!????

She : I am not saying you cant comment

Me : But you prefer that I dont

She : I didnt mean that ~~~~

Me : But I thought that’s what you meant

She : MOMMMMMM You dont listen properly

And she stomps off hufffily

I give up on the emails totally confused.  Besides my middle aged body is tired and needs its rest ……….

I prefered the olden days

Humaarey Zamaaney Mein : Part Two

Children are simply to be seen, not heard

Make that young adults too


21 thoughts on “My kids talk to me …. Halp!!!!

  1. ROFL! 😀 Your DIL is so cute. Why can’t we see the expression on your face when she walked away!

    Oh she was fuming and I was seriously confused 😛

  2. On a more serious 😀 note, there is 😀 something called 😀 generation gap? 😀
    Ok wait, I cannot make an intellectual comment while I am ROFL-ing. 😀


    Sheesh! Dont give me shit about generation gap ! Its just a hair-ball people dish out to explain their WTF moments.

  3. Nod at appropriate moments and put in phrases like, ‘Oh dear!’, ‘You don’t say’ ete etc. Don’t forget to wrap it up with a hug, ‘I’m sure you’ll be able to figure things out’.

    It works with my mom. 😀

    Yeah! They tell me kids dont talk to parents. BEG to differ here

  4. I think we agonise a lot about our kids today…and all the talk about new age parenting is actually gone a bit too overboard…i mean its nice and all to be friends and keep the communication goin and all that with the kids. I know that my parents never really worried too much about things like entertaining kids during weekend, hobby classes or just getting the communication going. But all went fine and at the risk of sounding not-too-modest :)…we turned out fine…that was more relaxed parenting…

    I kept away from mine! Their ignorance meant they had a happy parenting experience. Yahan toh it is anything but!

  5. ROFL 🙂 Always love your family posts!!!

    The comic pages disappear at my place too 🙂 And my daughter says exactly what your DIL does :).. and then she too stomps off huffily!

    Aren’t they super adorable 😆

    Yeah! I love them to bits!

  6. Sorry. Couldn’t help but laugh. 😆

    I’m glad I’m in the kids shoes and not yours. 😛

    But you should be happy that your children (including your DIL) “confide” in you. 😉

    Mixed blessing …..

  7. And I was thinking the communication becomes easier once they are out of teens! Your post always tells me there is so much more to come!

    I foresee interesting times for thee my friend Hyuck Hyuck!!!

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