Art of Gifting to Wives and Girlfriends

This post is written after a whole lot of folks wanted me to do another gifting one.  Well here goes:-

This is specifically addressed to men.  Guys don’t ya just luuuurve Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, Birthdays of the special women in your lives.  You not only remember the day, date, her particular likes and dislikes and what’s in and what’s not!

Just kidding!  I can empathise (though not understand) the sheer terror at worst, total helplessness at best that men experience through when having to buy gifts for wives or girlfriends.

Most men I know coolly forget the day unless they have set up a reminder on their mobile phones after the last time they forgot and got hell from the gentle little lady who suddenly turned into a flaming virago!

Then they dilly dally till the last minute and then quickly run into a store, get whatever they thought was suitable, got it gift wrapped and presented it with a “Babe I know it sucks but see I remembered ….”

Most seasoned girl-friends or wives simply buy their own presents and bill the man.  It’s better than getting agitated with the gifts men turn up with.  One of my cousins once turned up with the slinkiest and most revealing negligee which he thought was appropriate as a gift for a first date!!!  Phew!  We were able to dissuade him, but he simply did not “get” it.

Hot Tip No. 1

If the way into a man’s heart is through his stomach, the way to a girl’s heart is through her feet.  Get a gift basket for your darling full of foot massage oils, lotions, salts, and all those exotic and sexy smelling lotions to rub into her feet.  Heat up a bucket full of hot water, get her to soak her feet into that bucket, and then offer to personally give her a foot massage.

Bonus Item No. 1

A foot massage starts from below the knee, but rarely stops there.

Hot Tip No. 2

Trinkets, jewels always work – but you need to seriously consider the sort of message you are giving.  If you give your date jewelry you are saying “I’m serious, lets get hitched”. You are also saying, “How do you feel about babies?”, “Can you cook like Mom?”, etc. etc. This is true even if you give her a pair of silver ear rings.  So be very careful.  If you have no intention of getting hitched a box of chocolates is enough.

If you are committed/married/both …. Well jewelry will get you lots of brownie points, but you need to get her jewelry she likes.  Here is a serious problem.  You may never be on the same page as far as jewels go, and you may buy her something she considers ghastly.  Get a classy string of pearls – you can never go wrong with it.

Bonus Item No. 2

Pearls don’t cost as much as gold and diamonds do.  If the clasp has some diamond encrustation, she will be very happy.

Hot Tip No. 3

Silk and Cashmere!!!  Just feel the fabric and you will understand why ladies love them.  They are classy, elegant and sensuous to touch.  You can earn mucho brownie points if you take her with you to buy a silk shawl so that she gets to choose the color and design.

Bonus Item No. 3

You get to cuddle her with the shawl, snuggle in with her etc etc

Hot Tip No. 4

Yeah this is the lame ass one!  So you “forgot” and now have no time to get her anything.  Hotfoot down to Hallmark or Archies (thank God for them) and buy the most humongous looking teddy bear.  Remember the bigger the better!  Grab a box of chocolates, a bunch of flowers and then turn up at her doorstep with the sexiest grin that you can muster.

Bonus Item No. 4

Your sins will be forgiven, she will hug Teddy, hug you and then you can hug Teddy and her, cuddle in with her and tear open the box of chocolates etc etc. A warning though, this only works once! Besides you dont want Mr. Teddy to take up all the space on the bed or couch do you???


14 thoughts on “Art of Gifting to Wives and Girlfriends

  1. my theory is gift them some jewellery.. for all else take them to the shop ! its way too pleasant for them to shop while you put up lovingly !!!! and best is keep suggesting more things !!!

    LOL, confuse her and then she will fall in with your plans?! Smart guy

  2. I wanna add one!

    Hot tip No. 4
    For times when Archies is closed, undress to silk boxers, tie a ribbon and ‘gift’ her a ‘good lovin’.

    And if you need me to tell you the Bonus item.. dude, you’re done for!


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  4. You’ve done your homework well Ritu! Hehehe.. In your above list, I’d prefer that he forget and get me that ‘humongous looking Teddy bear’ Sigh! Who am I kidding?? He says even the tiny ones take up space and throw them away. Besides he never forgets, so how am I gonna get that huge teddy bear??! 😛

  5. I popped over here from Pallavi’s blog, and thank God I did! This is a something that is a must read for all members of the male species :D. I actually made a list of 10 things I wouldn’t mind getting as a gift,and mailed it to the man, a fortnight ahead of my b’day :).

  6. Jhoothi
    “You get to cuddle her with the shawl, snuggle in with her etc etc”-doesnt work. No sane woman in her silk shawl would allow it to be wrinkled.
    Whew, I am growing old.

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