Return of the Aviator!!

Kid#1 is back home now.  This, by our standards is huge!  He’s been to Philippines and back quite a few times in his quest for a commercial pilot’s license.   But then we are a family that goes from crisis to crisis – with a short pause in which we try to figure out if we are seriously out of trouble or not ….

Consider this : Kid#1 gets engaged …. runs the car over the verge and decides to fly planes …. since there are no verges in the sky!

Okay!  That is completely mean of me.  It may or may not have happened like this exactly but this is my story and my blog …

So he tries to get to Canada or the US to get his training.  Terrorism and brown skin decide that he does not get a Visa.  Hence he goes to Philippines

The course is supposedly for one year.  The Global Warming and Divine Powers decide that the weather will be horrible.  There are typhoons during the past two years that have drowned the country, ripped open the runway and tarmac and even smashed the air control tower to the ground.


Hence the course that was to be for one year lasted two.  But he survived and is now a qualified Licensed Commercial Pilot

Anyway he is finally back, jet lagged, deprived of Indian food (we actually carried roti and dal sabzi to the airport with us for him) and skinny.

I mean I am the most carefree kind of parent but even I thought he was skinny ~~

Is there any mother in the world who thinks her child has come back home looking hale and hearty?  There is some kind of reflex circuitry which triggers a primitive response that is so Hindi Movie ….

Mom : Beta you are looking so starved – bechara!  Theekh se khaana bhi nahin mila.  Have another parantha ….

Son : Basking in maternal attention and pampering : Arrey vahan after the typhoon you could not get any fruit or vegetable, and there is nothing like ghar ki roti

Sibling : Perhaps thinking now the spotlight will have to be shared :  Bhai, I dunno, you look okay to me

Wifey : By passing all the undercurrents : Babe, I think you look sexy with the moustache

Ahem!  Okay I know you have been apart for the last four months but give it a break, Will Ya?

Come to think of it, I actually agree with her … he looked cute in a bearded Brad Pitt kind of a way

Aaaah!  You know what I think now that he is got married and educated (in that order rather than the conventional way?)

I think its one down and one to go.  Need the other one to get his degree and wife – in whichever order he wishes so that I can become a vagabond gypsy that I am at heart

One down one to go …. ….. ….. …..


11 thoughts on “Return of the Aviator!!

  1. Gypsy? You? 😀 Yeah, right! Haven’t you done enough break free already!

    Good luck though! Me thinks the younger one should also start going out and playing with the neighbors. Should make your task easier! 😛

    The boys know its one of the standard fables I spin …. am too lazy to go footloose – but break free I will! Aah, He would so love to play with nice curvy neighbours only we dont have any babes here Hyuck Hyuck

  2. The ATC actually fell down to the ground? Wow.

    Just for curiosity’s sake, did they charge double the fees too to cover up the double time for the pilot training?

    Yeah, they charged a few lakhs more, the bastards! Went batty trying to raise the sum since it was so unexpected!

  3. Congratulations 🙂 So the aviator is back with a CPL and a moustache!!
    I know the feeling about food – my biggest joy in moving to Delhi was being able to feed the daughter Ghar ka khana and having missed it for a while she actually appreciated simple daal-roti made at home 🙂
    Must feel so good to have everybody home 🙂 Enjoy!!
    …and as usual I enjoy your family posts the best 🙂

    Thanks IHM – I keep toying with the idea of writing social posts – but this is me and this is my world – so I stick with it

  4. Wow, that is so great !! Congrats!! Love your narration, esp. when DIL comes into the picture 🙂 Hope the Gypsy is set free soon 🙂

    Yeah, me too

  5. Congratulations to the family!
    I love this profession.. of pilots.. i hvnt seen one pilot who is not handsome n charming 😉 n does that mean the dil gets to travel with him sitting in the cockpit? dunno abt her, but it is in my wishlist… well, can i be friends with the aviator for that matter 😛

    Oh he is very handsome! And this is not Momma’s pride saying it. The problem with good looking men is that they get big headed and vain. Men stay normal when they are neglected! But kya karen, he is a good cook too – so I cant ignore him sigh!!!

  6. Wow!! Congratulations!! What an achievement! Impressive. 🙂
    Your narration brought many smiles!! 🙂

    Thank you Shipa. Your random thoughts made me laugh – could have been mine

  7. Ah the return of the prodigal son! Mother hen clucking around her brood. My mum’s chucking me out of the house again for she says I’ve put on weight due to home food!

    Don’t run far away gypsy woman. One of my new year resolutions was to get stoned with an ‘older woman’ 😉

    I plan to chuck Kid#1 out since I’ll put on more weight – what with the dishes he wants me to cook for him!

    Heyy lets make your new year resolution come true

  8. My Mom has stopped saying I look starved when I go home 😦 Guess this is what happens when they get grandkids to pamper.

    One down one to go sounds upbeat-but when you have two down maybe you’ll also start writing on another generation-that would be fun!

    Mine plan to keep me far away from their kids – since I’ll spoil the kids silly

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