My Hero! I love Shah Rukh Khan

1.  He has the cutest boyish smile – and the twinkle in his eyes Oooooh!  I normally go for the hot muscular bodies but something about the guy just works for me.

2. He is non-filmy and comes through as fairly grounded – even though he is this huge larger-than-life hero

3. He is a good father and a family man

4.  Oh Did I mention his good looks? ~ never mind, it can be repeated

5. He’s versatile, like the papplu that makes the winning hand.  You can pair him with any leading lady from Kajol and Shilpa to Anoushka and voila – you have a hit

6.  You can watch him in brooding intense roles as the hockey coach of a woman’s team and it works, you can watch him as a shy dude or a cold and unscrupulous Don, it works

7.  Oh did I mention the boyish dimpled smile – oh I did – never mind

8.  He is from Delhi and that is nice

9. He proudly proclaims that he is a Joru Ka Gulam, that is so refreshing!  He comes through as humane and normal.  Either he is a damn good actor or is genuinely grounded and balanced.

10. But most of all I love him for the way he has refused to back down in face of the bully boy tactics of Raj Thackeray and his tribe.

I love his Badshahi Andaaz here

Article from Bollyspice

This is Shah Rukh Khan‘s request to those threatening to stop the screening in India of his latest movie My Name is Khan releasing next week. At the London press conference on Wednesday, King Khan was quizzed about his stand and candidly spoke about it. “As a Hindi film hero who’s given an iconic status, it scares me to say anything. Our stakes are very high. I want to apologize to Karan Johar, Kajol and the MNIK team because what I say and believe is going to affect their work and I have no idea how to change that.”

His recent comments supporting Pakistani cricketers playing in India has cause right-wing organisation Shiv Sena to threaten the screening of his film in Mumbai. They have even burnt effigies of the actor as well as Aamir Khan who has the same stand.

In the past although his colleagues have apologised to Shiv Sainiks, Shah Rukh has a different approach to it. “I really don’t know what the issue is about and what do I need to apologise for. Am I supposed to retract to I’m an Indian but I don’t want anyone to come to my country?”

This incident has also affected Shah Rukh emotionally. “When a film releases, you are tensed but highly excited and I work for that excitement. But this time I am just sad and it is not jetlag.”

Amitabh and Jaya Bacchan apologised, Karan Johar apologised.  I never understood why.   But Shah Rukh took a stand!  I truly love and respect him for this!


23 thoughts on “My Hero! I love Shah Rukh Khan

  1. I have never liked him the way you do Ritu but I do respect and support him for standing up to the hooligans of Bombay.

    Dont like him? Sigh!!!! Actually I thought he hammed too, but this tipped the scales in his favor

  2. I admire him for all those qualities and now more than ever before for his refusal to forget he is living in a Democracy, and is well within his rights to express his opinion. I have no doubt that fans, specially those in Maharashtra, must be really glad to see one person standing up to this bullying.
    Courage is an admirable quality. I hope he finds the state also provides him enough security for his film to released without a hitch. If just to make a point to the bullies, I intend to watch the movie twice.

    Yeah, we all should – Just to send a message

  3. I really hope the state of Maharashtra and the Congress government doesn’t let Shah Rukh down. Though it’s understandable but it will be really sad to see forcible submission of Shah Rukh to these bullies. I don’t agree with his comments either, but dammit this is a democracy!
    And just look at these guys Ritu, with Rahul baba Gandhi they are using the black flag and non-violent protests but violence against Shah Rukh. If they had half the balls they claim to have they would have used violent protest and stopped Rahul’s entry as well!

    Bullies are the biggest cowards! Subsequent events have shown that

  4. I came across this saying in a movie
    “Courage is not the absence of fear but the understanding that something else is more important than that fear”
    SRK is showing just that. No doubt he is concerned about it, maybe even scared and the possible impacts on him, his movies and most importantly, his family. But he has decided to take a stand.
    That’s an admirable quality.

    Yes it is admirable

  5. I didn’t think much of him before….but after this incident, I have found a new respect for him 🙂

    PS: I was pretty disgusted when AB and KJ bowed down to the Sena’s Rip-Van-Winkle !!

    So was I

  6. Exactly my sentiments and I love this guy too. Glad someone else feels the same about him 😉

    I am not an SRK fan but this incident tipped the scales in his favor

  7. I have a different view.How did the controversy start?It started with an interview a TV news channel where is reported to have said that Pak players should have been taken for IPL.Now the question is ,in such case, why did he not bid for the Pak players?Who stopped him from bidding?
    After the event is over,where was the need to announce an opinion in a TV studio?
    Please,let us understand that political parties keep a watch on such juicy events.This is where the controversy started and never ended.
    As for liking him or any other actor is strictly based on the success of their films.Don’t forget we had Rajesh Khanna and AB was in the dumps for about 7 yrs.Today RK has been forgotten and at 68 AB is ruling bollywood.
    Sorry for disagreeing with you ,but that is it.

    As a citizen of India, he has the right to voice his views and I am glad that every one has backed off! This truly shows that we are a rich and working democracy. Every view point can be expressed

  8. This guy no doubt is brilliant in acting and expressing! One of few actors who can make people sing, cry and laugh with him.

    With time he has also mastered the art of marketing, which is not wrong… I appreciate his moves…

    Oh, he is a very astute businessman! He is not a dumb chocoboy that he portrays himself as

  9. I think both Shahrukh and the Shiv Sena are wrong. The timing of Shahrukh’s comment was very wrong. It’s as if he has forgotten about 26/11 and is putting business ahead of it. Shiv Sena has always been about doing such things and frankly the people don’t really care what they say.

    The media does, Kevin! I object to the bhav they give Shiv Sena

  10. Oooh, I love him too! 🙂
    Did you watch the documentary that Discovery Channel made on him? Will tell you when it repeats if you didn’t. Do watch Living With A Superstar on Travel and Living though. Every Friday night at 9. (Damn! I sound like the promo now!) 😀

  11. i love shah rukh khan very much.. i think he is like the source of energy .. he just push me to success.. i can’t say when i’m be sad i forget all of my trobles when i see him.. but seeing him helps me to go on.. sometimes i feel really sad and disappointed.. like now.. and now wat am i doing? searching for him.. this is my life since i’ve seen him from the first time.. but i’m so greedy.. i want his email.. i want his phone number.. i want also to talk with him face to face… i feel that i’ll get it someday.. somehow.. i feel it strongly.. i can visualize it colourfully … i can feel the lights around.. i can hear some laughter here and there.. this is me.. when i really want something powerfully.. i never give up until i have it.. i don’t know waht to say.. just may Allah bless him and his family

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