My new toy

I am a gizmo freak and well if the gizmo keeps me logged on to the net all the time, even when there are horrendous power cuts, it is just the thing for me.  For years (actually ever since I got to know about this darling thing) I have been longing for an Iphone.


And what do you know! I finally got it

Thank you Kid#1
Thank you The Secret
Thank you Universe
Thank you Shah Rukh Khan


Last but not least : Thank you Vin Diesel (Since I was thanking every one else … )

Flash back to a month back

Kid#1 : Hello Mom, what do you want from Philippines

Me : Nothing beta, yahan sab kuch milta hai

Kid#1 : Are you serious?  Look dont ask for booze and dont ask for a male Philipino.  Ab what do you want?

Me : Sigh, kuch bhi nahin.  Just come back qualified, hale and hearty

( I could have asked for sex toys, could have asked for ~ darn he said no to booze!  I could have asked for ~~~ You get the picture)

Kid#1 :  Who are you and what have you done to my Mom!

Me : LOL!  Yeah I was trying to be sensible and noble

Kid#1 : Aint working

Me : Dont waste too much money!  Yeah get me an MP3 player

Kid#1 : You want an Iphone

Me : Nobility gayi tel lene!  How much does it cost?

Kid#1 : LOL! Lemme check!

He got a slightly used one at half the price of a new Iphone.  We got it customized for India, and that took about a week!

Oh wow!  I am over the moon!  I can take pics and post em on my blog.  I can pester the kids to pose for me forever, photograph the dogs and even our fishes!  I have an Iphone.

I have put twitter and facebook on the phone.  Folks I am taking my net addiction to a new level.

Like Shah Rukh Khan said in his speech in Om Shanti Om


19 thoughts on “My new toy

  1. the enthusiasm is infectious… !!!!! neki aur puch puch eh… !!!!!

    😀 😀 😀 Congratulations on the latest gizmo !!!!! I want it too… 😛 😛 😛

    Its fun, but there is a lot to learn in it

  2. How does it feel to use an Iphone… it just so bloody expensive in India… 😦

    Its expensive everywhere. We got a second hand one! Actually still figuring it out. Its complicated and I am so scared of screwing it up, so I dont know

  3. Congrats!! I also totally believe in one gets whatever one truly desires!
    I better take a fresh look at my list now 🙂
    And I love that speech 😆

    Its true, that speech, but Shah Rukh is such a ham!

  4. @ Adivitiya, The ‘toys’ are easily available in Palika Bazaar! 😉 😉 😛

    They are but apparently the damn assholes who see you buy them pester you until you get into your car!!!

  5. It is time! We can’t discuss these things on your blog! When and where? I’ll bring the booze, you prepare the grass and throw the kids outta the house. (I love the dogs :D)

    LOL chances are your hit it better with my kids than with me – same age group. Prolly team up with them against me, but any weekend will do!

  6. Congrats!! I would like one too. What’s Kid#1’s email id?

    ROFL Poor Kid#1, one insane Mom is just not enuf, now she comes with a whole gang

  7. I am jealous. Mahesh is asking me to buy an N97 and i told him – no more Nokias for me. ab toe lega toe Iphone hi lega.
    But i m happy for you. Iphone really is wonderful. Enjoy it.

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