My daughter’s stricken eyes haunt me

This story is included in an anthology of short stories called Ripples

The link to the Facebook page of Ripples


24 thoughts on “My daughter’s stricken eyes haunt me

  1. Ritu,
    That was very disturbing.. very well written.. made me feel so bad. How many such incidents just go unnoticed.. unpunished.. its just so sad.

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  3. Well written Ritu. Different scenes, same violence, same sickness. I hope articles like these awaken women to take action, and men to rethink their behaviors!

  4. So morbid, the way she vents on her daughter. I would imagine being protective of your child after such a torturous incident but accusing is a very interesting twist!

    Blame transference happens. Logically the lady understands that a five year old could not help her, but feels abandoned at an emotional level

  5. Ritu.. Its so well written that for few moments i was dumbstruck. I felt like the girl who cud not do anything but watch.

  6. Very unnerving and disturbing reading this. That speaks of your writing skill. The stricken eyes and the haunted feeling all come alive. Well written, to drive home the point!

  7. You know something, I actually know of so many similar tales. I used to go to Sanjeevani after my marriage broke up – to just vent. My agony seemed trivial compared to such raw tragedy I heard of. This abuse is more common than we would like to believe …. and perversion and kinks occur in every strata of society. It is not just the poor or uneducated. We have the money and sophistication to hide it

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