Mera Naam Hai Chin Chin Chu

The Chinese tag from Ramit, aka the bald guy

You should read his blog; he is funny! In fact he does crazy things like tag me by email and not on his blog! Just pulling your leg Ramit!

8 TV Shows I like to watch

1. 9XM
2. Channel V

(Both at 8 am – dhinchak music and celebrities dancing to the music eases the pain of exercising – they’re also doing it right?? Misery loves company)

3. MAX
4. AXN
6. PIX
7. HBO
and how can I forget
8. India TV News : its a hoot. I watch it to destress …

Sensation se bharpoor India TV

My only grouse is that these days they arent doing too much of the red circles and arrow thingys. Probably run out of red markers. Doesnt give the same frantic scary feel without it. They do blue rectangles now … sigh!!! Simply not the same effect! 😦

8 Places to eat and dine (arent both the same?)

1. My kitchen
2. My good friend J-‘s kitchen (the most awesome home made south indian food) – which we then wolf down sitting on her bed with lots of alcohol
3. Kwality’s in Delhi
4. Om Ka Hotel at Jangpura for the brain curry
5. Woodlands (yeah I love south indian food)
6. Karims
7. Eating joints in the walled city
8. Thupka at the Tibetian Monastery

8 things I look forward to

1. My sons getting jobs and being successful (I will be an insufferably proud Mama)
2. Cooking
3. Going to sleep at night without waking up even once (yeah I cant sleep more than 3 hours at a stretch)
4. Boarding a space ship for interstellar travel
5. My sons sitting with me watching TV without grabbing the remote or changing the chanel, hasnt happened even once!

6. Coming home to a perfectly cooked dinner made by Kid#1. He is an awesome cook
7. My boss going out of town for more than two days
8. Dark chocolate

8 things that happened yesterday

1. Woke up at 10 a.m.
2. Went to play Holi in the colony park
3. Was so hot that overindulged in chilled beer
4. Slept (again) for two hours after a bath. Sheer bliss
5. Played Mafia Wars on Facebook
6. Won a game of Scrabble
7. Read a whole lot of blogs
8. Learnt how to take photos with my Iphone and put them on my laptop

8 things I love about winter

1. Lovely roses
2. Chrysanthemums in full bloom
3. Snuggling into a warm bed in a quilt
4. Gobhi and makki paranthas
5. Bonfires
6. Soup and more soup
7. Long walks
8. Our dogs dont get ticks (saves a whole lot of effort as we dont have to de-tick them)

8 things on my wish list —– This one is difficult! I normally just do what I wish. Umm let me think!

1. A light sabre – just like a jedi’s
2. A futuristic transporter – I wanna be able to say at least once “Beam me up Scotty!”
3. Want to travel to another planet
4. Get out of the debt trap
5. A steamy hot passionate affair with a Klingon
6. Chocolate that makes you lose weight
7. Mithai as diet food
8. A Mr. Right who is not a Mr. Boring. No aspersions on anyone – but good guys dont attract me. I have really bad taste.

8 things I am passionate about

1. I, me, myself
2. Blogging
3. Writing
4. Cooking
5. My laptop and the net connection (any malfunction and I go ballistic)
6. Reading
7. My sons and daughter in law
8. Good food and alcohol

8 Words / Phrases I often use

1. Hai Rabba
2. Awesome
3. Oh my God
4. Hain Jee
5. Yeah
6. Kya Baat Hai
7. Jai Mata Di
8. Vadhiya

8 things I have learnt from my past

1. Live life Queen Sized
2. Have faith in yourself
3. Have faith in God
4. Stay away from bankers
5. Stay away from lawyers
6. Kuch toh log kahenge, so fuck it. Its a human failing so dont beat yourself over it.
7. Be financially solvent – always
8. Take care of your health, folk can share in your emotional grief, but health is more important cause you gotta bear the physical pain and medical bills alone

8 places I would like to visit

1. Mt. Fujiyama
2. Brazil
3. Athens
4. Kailash Parbat
5. Mt. Olympus
6. Malta
7. My hostel room ~ if it still exists
8. Another planet with intelligent life

8 things I currently need/want

1. Time and money to get the home repainted
2. A 50 inches LCD screen
3. A Wii to go with it
4. A multicrore medical policy for the family (it will make me feel secure and happy)
5. A raise
6. A pay hike/raise
7. A substantial pay hike/raise
8. Godji are you listening??? A RAISE!!!!!

8 blogging buddies I want to tag

You – yes you who are reading this! Consider yourself tagged!


10 thoughts on “Mera Naam Hai Chin Chin Chu

  1. Very humorous, fun and witty answers.
    Ah…India TV and its brethren…God Bless Them!! I wonder how they personally feel about their sansanikhej news oops entertainment all the time! :O

    I really enjoy it. Its insane hehehehe

    Oh, you play Mafia Wars!! Have you tried FarmVille?? No, you need not answer that…its a FV addict asking out of sheer addiction! 😛

    Was at level 52 on FV when I got locked out of my farm (the time of chicken coop expansion). Never managed to get in again 😦 😦

    8th on the wishlist…:D
    Agree with your learnings!! 🙂
    And Amen 🙂

    I can’t do this Tag….
    I have already done this!! 😀

    Very entertaining tag and got some insights! 🙂

    Thank you

  2. I don’t get that channel! Damn! Need to call Cable wala and check with him

    You need to watch it – its news with masaledaar tadka, simply awesome!

    Loved the answers! Have wanted a Light saber ever since I saw Star Wars for the very first time! That was light years ago!! 😀

    Yeah, me too sigh!!!

    yea, I need a raise too! A Big one and soon!! 😀 😀


  3. Ha ha ha…u really do watch India TV??? But their aaj ki taaza khabars are the deadliest…lol

    I love it! Its sheer entertainment! OMG I should do a blog post on the gems I have found on India TV

    and Karims should be on my list too! the burra kebabas are to die for….ssslluuurrrrrpppp

    Yeah sinfully rich and so delicious

    I love TBG’s blog and yet to do this tag…but why is this called the Chinese tag? should ask Ramit…hmmm

    Yeah, good question

  4. Vadhiya, I say! Loved reading this and since I’m on a de-lurking spree around the blogistaan, thought this happy occasion suffices to “come out” to you.

    I think I’ll take up this tag.

    Thanks Neha. Loved the last blog post you’ve put up. Simply awesome! Thanks for delurking!

  5. Rabba is going to grant your wish for a pay raise really soon 🙂

    Loved your answers.

    And India TV News is a hoot…its like watching mini movies and truly a destressor 🙂

    Yeah, good ole India TV! These days its after Godmen big time … LOL! The sanyasis even got the news-manufacturers (yeah that’s what they have) distracted from their 2012 fixation

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