Buy one and get one free

Roop tagged me some time back and gave me a bribe/award to sweeten the deal. Now I am a sucker for scratch cards and buy one – get one free deals, so I have taken her tag – it came with the honest blogger award, and kya kahen, I am easy to please …..

I am supposed to tell the blogosphere 10 things about myself. Considering that I have told the blogosphere a lot about myself … this is a challenge. Aisa kya hai that I can write that folks dont know about me????

1. Merey Colgate mein namak nahin hai. Seriously dudes, that ad sucks! Imagine waking up in the morning and stretching out, walking in for the brush and bladder routine to have someone burst into your bathroom with the question “Kya aapkey Colgate mein namak hai!” I would require serious therapy and the person bursting in would require first aid (would attack out of sheer panic)! S e r i o u s l y!!!!

2. My mental image of myself is the shy, bookish, retiring types. My sons and daughter in law think I need a reality check …. sigh!

3. Was a model for a very short time in my life. Those were the days when I was slim (sigh!) and young (deeper sigh!!!) and looked really pretty. Oh, and the money I earned seriously belonged to me and not to the EMIs, kids and other sundry expenses (Deepest deepest sigh!!).

4. I am animal friendly … but dont know why. Dogs, cats and other sundry members of the animal kingdom latch on to me, and I dont understand why. It freaks me out! May be because I like to cook and all kinds of food smells linger on me??? Wonder ……

5. I own cars but dont have a clue what happens under the bonnet. But if there is a malfunction, I get out, pop the bonnet open and look at the wierd stuff there very intelligently. I even touch the wires and pipes as though I know what is what! Thankfully some macho do-gooder comes and says “Maydamji, maddad chahiye?” and rescues me from my act.

6. I need to get up in the night … actually sleep barely 3 hours at a stretch. Then I get up and go out to check if I am still in this planet. Once as a little girl, I walked out, left the door open and slept in the grass outside (We were in Shillong then) and froze. Anti-children-doing-such-things-padlocks were installed by the parents. Now I go up to the roof and check if the world is still around me. The dogs accompany me. Can imagine them thinking “Dog Alert! Woof batty woman on the prowl, Woof!! we need to guard her!”

7. The only living soul who understands me is our water turtle Annubis, but he is only three days old so it does not count.

8. Give me a good book and I forget to eat, sleep, breathe until it is over. Cant leave a book half finished and go to sleep.

9. I am teaching myself how to make nachos from scratch …. and am proud of the good results I have had.

10. As a kid, I would bring home strays ..kittens, birds etc. I once brought home an orange cat …. only it was a lion cub! My parents forced me to give it away to the zoo. Sigh!

Am surprised that I actually wrote 10 things about me that you did not know. Am surprised that you actually read them πŸ˜€

Feel free to take the tag up if so inclined. In my experience they are good stuff to take on when inspiration is low


13 thoughts on “Buy one and get one free

  1. Nachos! yes, please recipe and detail instructions much required! and that colgate ad..bugs me no end! i mean how could anybody make that or even think of that crap! seriously scary man!

    Actually very simple. Dont go by my son’s comment later. He wanted to eat pizza and not home-made. Take one cup makki atta, 3/4 cup maida, knead into tight flour (like to make puris) after sifting and adding some olive oil. Use slightly warm water to knead. I added some oregano and a bit of salt to it. Let it sit for 30 minutes. Then knead it again a bit. Sprinkle flour on the work board and then roll out v v thin rotis. Cut into strips and fry. Take them out before they turn brown. Place them on a dish lined with paper towel to drain out excess oil.

  2. yeah me wants that nachos rec too πŸ™‚

    and i used to bring home strays as a kid too and mom is a animal hater if there is any such thing so u can imagine the situation at home

    So was mine, but I still persisted. Luckily we lived in old colonial bungalows in places like Shillong and Kohima, so she and the animals did not have much to do with each other

  3. That car thing is so cute! I have no clue what to do once the bonnet’s up either. Am nto entirely sure I can raise the bonnet, to be honest. I did it once when Ally broke down on me and then I couldn’t close it.

    OMG! That is just about one thing I do well, open and close bonnets

  4. Kid#1
    Those people who are sking for the recepie of nachos, DONT!!!. Those damn things were mojor disaster and that is the reason I am sitting with a slice of pizza right now. The only person who ate was mom just to prove their edible.

    Was the pizza any good? Remember I am asking sarcastically

    Mom dont think I dont read your blog, I keep keen eye on you nd will catch any attempts to take good credit for horrible cooking.

    So cook dinner today!

    I will end this session with Evil Laugh.
    (HA!! HA!! HA!!)

    Same to you son, same to you

  5. First of all I love Kid#1’s evil laugh ha ha ha πŸ˜€ grinning from ear to ear

    animal friendly πŸ™‚ how about a snake party, I would love to see you playin around with a cobra , what say? ;)hmmmmm

    Dont like snakes Tiku, sorry

    yea, you could have rocked the modelling world, bomb that you were but no worries you are a rockstar anyways, just with a little less money than them…Sigh!!

    hottest blogger … I vote for you.

    Thanks love … but being short, my career as a model was short lived. They want really tall babes

  6. got to read your posts after a long time-I kept getting redirected to weird pages.

    I am going to try out the nachos-regardless of KID#1’s warning!

    BTW where did you manage to find the lion cub?

    • Seriously Annubis actually listens to me and blows bubbles at me. The dogs listen but then start licking or scratching themselves. Dhyan se suntey hi nahin

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