General update – translation – I just wanna chat

First of all, I know I know, the blog seems colourless compared to my blog in the yesteryears.  Kya karen, my blog design had a trojan.  I hung on to it for dear life …. but had to discard it.  You guys would have abandoned me on the wayside, and I love you all and want you guys to visit and comment.  So adieu fancy blog design.  I have shed bitter tears, implored on Godji to curse all virus and other meanos.

But I have a very big axe to grind with Godji.

I’ll tell you why

1. Mayawati got that humongous thousand rupee notes garland on her birthday today, worth 15 crore or something.  Well, I had a birthday a couple of weeks ago.  I did not get even a marigold ka haar, let alone the thousand ke note ka haar.  Kyon bhai??  Simply not happening.  What has Mayawati got that I dont?  No – dont answer that!  It was a rhetorical question.

2. Another axe to grind with Godji ~  seems like all the Godmen in this country have a hot and happening sex life.  We dont 😦  This is not fair.  I mean I can understand if yogis have a rocking sex life.  They eat right, exercise so their libido has to be up. 😉   What about these Godmen?  I mean just telling people to pray and meditate and dishing out commonsense and feel good mantras and gyan should not be reason for them to have all the money, the adulation and all that sex.  Aur ab this malaise is international.  We have swamijis here and priests abroad.  Kya ho raha hai.  They are having fun, bad sort of fun, sometimes evil, sometimes kinky, and here we have dull and drab lives.  Godji kuch toh socho!!!

3. Godji, my third point ~ Mera pretty pretty blog design.  Damn trojans killed it.  They effin ate it up.  Sob!!!  I am teaching myself HTML and weird stuff so that I can design me a nice header.  I am fifty years old dammit and the grey cells are not as agile as I wish they were.  Okay, I’ll behave…..  Sorry about that 😉    I am such a ham!  I simply cant resist turning the senti stuff on.  Actually I love the challenge.  I assure you, I will make me a header that is nice.  Godji help me please.

4. I have just had to refuse 6 people who wanted to help me save taxes/give me loans/issue me credit cars.  Darn!  At least there are folk out there who think I am rich.  Godji kya kartey ho yaar?  Mujhko style de diya, without the substance.  Simple hai, make me as rich as I apparently appear.

Sigh I have vented.  Now I shall go back to HTML, PHP and other sundry alphabets that will help me personalise this blog design.  Nice talking to you Godji and nice talking to you dear reader.

See ya


36 thoughts on “General update – translation – I just wanna chat

  1. ha ha ha…agreee hum ne kya kar dya bhai! hum becharey kyun peechey choot gaye! sad ! sacchi!
    and abhi to latest – baba ramdev has floatd his own political party…i guess he realised sex wex usey le doobega…dangerous for swamis…so wat next -politics calling! aur humko nobody calling 😦

    • Tell you what, that Baba Ramdev is a savvy businessman and has pretty strong instincts for survival. Depend on it, he is gonna do a lot of hanky panky and still come out smelling of roses.

  2. Wow Ritu-great to see the Phoenix rising up from the ashes yet again. I’m sure this blog will be just as colorful and friendly in a short time. I really admire your ability to get going!!

    • Hey thanks for the vote of confidence. I am trying. Get used to seeing my blog with all kinds of things happening in it. Check out the header right now – kind of raw, but doesnt matter

  3. aaaah for the blog header u need to have a good editing software and i think u shld be done… i know some people who do it as a hobby let me check with them and connect u

    BTW I love that pic which is the current wants to make u reach out and eat that

  4. LOL about the sex life our god-men have 🙂

    But I feel I like this new design because you can do so much here – and one idea, you could cut and paste the adorable pictures of your family from the old design and create a collage with them or you could add them to the side bar – this one gives you more flexibility. I feel the last design was really nice but a change is even better.

  5. You’re back! *hugs*
    Tell you what. Let’s kidnap Godji and blackmail him. Better yet, kidnap his son/daughter! I have a couple of axes to grind of my own 😀

    • ROFL Addy! You and I can be the modern all female Bonnie and Clyde gang. Think of the adventures we could have ~ but if we manage to kidnap Godji as our very first crime, then it would be hard to top that

  6. Hey, Ritu ..I liked the header..and I loved the post!
    Thank God that you are not Mayawathi, har or no haar! And about libido of Godmen…well, I have no clue…
    Real good one…

  7. A change is always nice. I like this clean look with that header. So that axe to grind with God is not really an axe to grind. As for the rest, I have an axe to grind with God for all those reasons as well!

    • That garland fills me up with envy and visions of avarice and crime. I have already started plotting how to steal it, but need many accomplices ……

  8. Course not! After we get what we want, we move on greener pastures; ie. Johnny Depp, George Clooney and my hartthrob Eddie Izzard! 😀

    We could have our own lil startup! ‘The ‘Nappers’ or something like that! Imagine putting ‘we were the ones who kidnapped God’ on our company profile! Life is made!

  9. Ah! No wonder, whenever I used to open your site, it said malware detected!! And something like opening this site could harm your computer!! :O
    Liked your conversation with God Ji very much!! LOL at the God men one! 😀
    And belated happy birthday!! 🙂
    Ooh! That’s a sweet header! 🙂
    Happy learning the HTML and the other alphabets!! 🙂

  10. Godji please help her to make the header brighter. I love the family that she has put up over there, only the photos have to be a little sharper. These ones do not bite.

  11. Dude, You are famous. I thought I was only the one till now. Nice stuff. Really enjoyed it.

    However here is a salaryman maxim – “Pehle har, phir haar”.

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