Sexism and sport

I recieved this tweet from @bhogleharsha

pietersen says cricket is not for desperately sexist.must get off high horse.women far stronger than men in life

Really sweet of Harsha, but men like him are far and few … especially in the realm of IPL and Indian sports.  Now, lemme tell you a story

Is kahaani mein young girls hain … cricket hai aur IPL ka ek team hai.

Now this team is web savvy, puts up contests and other sundry friendly face offs to involve youth and increase its fan base.  These girls are big big fans of a batsman nicknamed as a construction edifice due to his steady batting.  They love him ….

Love Hurts

Last year one of the young girls and one boy were tied as finalists on one such competition.  The captain of the IPL team was to take a call.  He chose the boy, the reason being

“You’re good, but boys are stronger, have more endurance, can work late in the night and are more hard working”

Excuse me while I puke.  Ask the damn captain to endure labor pains, or even thread facial hair and wax his underarms.  Ask the damn captain to put in as much hard work in a day as a working woman puts in, both at home and outside.  The only thing in which the girls lack is muscular strength, and this is not weight lifting dammit!!!

Any how, the girls persisted.  Ahhhh the folly and optimism of youth!  They entered the competitions this year too. They made it to the semi finals and then, they lost.  No, not because they were not good.  Because the organizers lost their entries.

Thank you IPL team for helping the girls grow up.  Thank you IPL team for proving to all girls in India that they have no place in sport, especially IPL  apart from shaking their tush as cheerleaders.  Thank you IPL team for making us women of India feel inferior.

I am sure you guys think that since we are already used to it, we should roll over and tolerate some more crap dished out by retrosexual males.

Gosh!  I hate this!!!

Edited to add :

News item today : A young woman co-pilot of a Jet Airways Sharjah-Kochi flight made an emergency landing in the wee hours of Thursday after the commander took ill mid-air.
Oh really?!  It was her job dammit!  And she’s trained for it.  What else will make news?  Male stroller molested by girls on the prowl for their morning walk?


If you would like to read more about the incident , please head over to a blog post by a person who witnessed this incident

A fine balancing act, but next time let’s please the girls too


12 thoughts on “Sexism and sport

  1. i like ure new page ..the best part is , seeing Eshaan’s pic next to an air plane or watever specifically this one is called!

  2. That was shocking. I did not even know about this… I guess such things don’t stay in the news for long, because a lot of us kind of accept that women are discriminated against as a fact of life in a ‘male dominated’ society…


  3. I don’t know if I should blame the team, the captain, the judge or the organizers for the whole thing. But then, as like any other person, the experience has changed my views about the captain, the judge and about their notion and logic.
    The organizers lost our entries, then we were told our systems crashed and then later, that our files got lost while being transferred. Three different versions to a story and all this despite a professional IT back-up team!! And on top of it, the judge’s logic to pick the winner!
    As a budding sports journalist, I was very very disappointed. However, I think one person’s opinion shouldn’t really be that discouraging.
    Sad but true, being a woman and aspiring for a career in a very male-dominated field, I’ll have to fight to get the due. I think I’ve seen only one aspect of it and I hope theres lot better yet to come. 🙂

    Anyhow, thanks a lot aunty, for letting the world know what happened and how biased are the people whom we often blindly idolize! 😐

    • Whether it is sports or the corporate, women have to work twice as hard – and then get labeled as bitches or even worse! Sigh! But like they say, the prize is twice as precious since it is won with sweat, toil, tears. I am sure you will see the positive side too, if you hang in there

  4. Dont you think Ritu that the prize that we are coveting for by putting in twice the efforts would soon lose its sheen? After all, everything has its price and overpriced anything tends to lose its respect.

  5. one of the thing this reminded was that episode of FRIENDS when Erica(Anna Faris) was in labor room with Chandler(Mattew Parry) and chandler makes a joke…. “which is more painful getting kicked in the nuts or the labor pain”???

    I’m a feminist and totally support equality for women…..though as they say this is a man’s world…it will take time to change the things around…..but it was really sad to hear something like this from KP

  6. thankless species…but at least we now have a voice-the blog…and also we can realize that there are many who think alike…some years back we were a minority but now I think most girls are ready to stand and fight for issues

    • Nalini, there are some old school types who are now in positions of power and they do their darnedest not to allow change. But women have changed and no power on earth can put them into the old slots

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