I have a dream … a fantasy

No this is not a blog post about Abba though the song is lovely ….

Mera sundar sapna is really simple … it invariably revolves around how to live a comfortable luxurious life without having to work for it. Remember that awesome song from Fiddler on the Roof … If I were a rich man? It was specifically written for people like me

Dream No. 1

To be born as the younger sister of a famous Hindi film heroine. Mera logic is very simple … she has to work, diet, work out and all that shit. I can simply live with her. All the heroes and producers will give me bhav. She cant be seen in the same dress and accessories … so I get first dibs at them. Life toh would be made Sigh!!! When she feels I am getting too tiresome, she can get me married off to a rich man, I wont mind.

Dream No. 2

Be born to a very wealthy father. I am easy on this. Abhi bhi wakt hai. Any wealthy person can adopt me. I will do complete sewa and be his biggest chamchi……. so long as I dont have to work.

Dream No. 3

Win a million dollar lottery … but before I do this, I need to get myself a solidly reliable financial adviser. Me being the person I am, I would blow the million dollars in just a few months and be back to square one.

Sigh … let me get back to my reports. Humming “If I were a rich lass, hmmm yaba daba daba de da dum … all day I would …”


14 thoughts on “I have a dream … a fantasy

  1. wow , the new look is awesome. you know these songs have a very special place in my heart. Dream big so that your smaller dreams may come true.
    When you get adopted do think of this little pup who needs TLC. promise I will do all you say as long as I get all you get. :p
    lovely post. hugs
    PS : keep the cream color , it enhances your write ups.

    • Oh absolutely. When people were dreaming of and planning careers, I was complaining to Godji and telling him “Koi baat nahin Godji, agli baar when you drop baby me on earth, consignment sahi jagah deposit karna”

  2. LOL 🙂 Itna maya moh achcha naheen, thoda bhajan keertan mein bhi dil lagao bachcha 🙂

    Modifying the original a little,

    Me not rich, me feel bad,
    Me go adopt a millionaire dad
    If he disinherits me, me not be sad
    Me go find another dad 🙂

    • Oh yes, I will. Now just go down on your knees and pray to Godji that any/all of them come true. If I marry a rich old man, I swear I will eat right, excercise and do my best to outlive him 😛

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